I don't remember that day

Purse Lulus from @hautelook

Scarf Shawl Thrifted Savers

Belt H&M

Earrings Arden B

Boots Victoria Secret

Dress BCBG Thrifted Savers
Outfit Details
Sweater Dress- BCBG Thrifted Savers
Vintage Shawl- Thrifted Savers
Belt- H&M
Socks- Steve Madden Marshalls
Tights- Betsy Johnson- Marshalls
Boots- Victorias Secret Online (Got with a Gift Card a looooong time ago)
Purse- Lulus via Hautelook.com
Watch/bracelet- Thrifted Savers/F21
Earrings- Arden B

While I was taking a picture of the most amazing vintage typewriter last night, I discovered about 30 photos and a video from almost 3 weeks ago on my cell phone! I had absolutely no recollection of this outfit or this day...I was excited and then quickly reminded how fast time goes by...I mean...absolutely no idea when or what happened this day...it looks sunny...I look warm...haha and if I didn't have these pictures or the video...it would have a been a distant memory...instead I am reminded of a day I didn't remember...

I am diligently working on my birthday party like it's my job...haha I LOVE planning parties..and for those of you who know me well, a themed party is my secret obsession...if you are interested in some of my ideas and seeing some inspiration you can check it out here...

Ok folks...it is the last day to enter the SneakPeeq giveaway!!! All you gotta do is subscribe to Sneakpeeq HERE and you are automatically entered...and you will get a 20% off discount just for entering!! I am by no means trying to entice you and pressure you by adding exclamation points...but THERE IS MORE DAY PEOPLE! ok...Good luck everyone!!!


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