Wednesday, January 04, 2012

24 Hours in Seattle

I know it is no surprise that our first stop was brunch...cuz it had to do with eating...and if you follow me on twitter or facebook or in real life..haha you will know the hubby and I love to eat and try new places...Bacco was amongst one of our favorites. Our other was The Pink Door, I talked about it in THIS post. Anyway, I had a salmon scramble and it was delicious...the hubby ate his biscuit in silence while smothering fresh jam after every bite. There were all of 6 tables and totally cramped..which lent itself to the perfect brunch location...ahhh yes...then we had to get up and the cold...haha


Oh WHAT. A. Sur.prise. haha hubby spotted a bakery on our way to Goodwill! yes...yes...we was in China town or at least what looked like China town..haha



After our Goodwill trip which I talked about in THIS post, we decided to head on over to Pikes Place...we figured we could look around at the vendors and find a good place to eat...haha are you noticing a pattern here folks..ughhh






After playing around with the hubby's new camera...we did a quick pit stop to the four story Forever 21 where I literally got dizzy and began to break into a sweat...seriously...I am not even joking..I had to take off my jacket, my sweater..the scarf...I put my hair in a bun...I am getting to old for this! haha I feel like thrift stores are waaay easier...but I did find a really cute pleather skirt that I LOVE so there's that...

oh..did anyone catch the random pic of the wig shop? haha I love going through pics that the hubby takes...most of the time I didn't even know he was taking a picture!


Oh look...someone is hungry after all the standing and watching me shop! haha We stopped and got mini doughnuts and watched the merry go round play inappropriate sexy time was bad time bad...haha we laughed for like 10 minutes until I looked over and the hubby seemed as though he had just threw up in his mouth. Oh I forgot to mention we went into Betsy Johnson where I saw the most gorgeous man in the highest of heels and stone washed Z cavarichi jeans..he was fabulous...I was going to see if I could get a pic..but the hubby wasn't allowing it...whatever..WHATEVER.



The hubby had a mini photo shoot by some favorite kind of photo shoots! haha I think they turned out pretty darn nice...


Here I am...looking like I am posing for a pic...nope...nope..I was really sitting down cuz my ankle felt like it was gonna pop off my foot...throbbing and excruciating pain...thanks Mr. More to come on Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the fam...we seriously took waaay too many you will have to excuse me as I get these through my system!


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Love ya


  1. Your photos are lovely, it looks like you had an amazing time in the city!

    xo Teresa

  2. This reminds me of my trip to Seattle about 2 years ago. I so love that city!! Looks like you all had a good time.

  3. so many great photos! looks like you had a blast. love that aztec scarf.


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