Winter White Thrifted Savers






Outfit Details
Vintage Sweater- Thrifted Savers
Skinny Jeans- F21 Thrifted Savers
Heels- Paris Hilton Marshalls
Ballet Slippers Necklace and Gold Ring- F21
Bracelet- Guess
Jacket- My Mom's
Glasses- Bebe Thrifted Savers

I WANT my family and friends to be healthy and happy this year.
I WANT to start my own family.
I WANT to help others find their own style and love how they look
I WANT to be in the best shape of my life.
I WANT to travel somewhere I have never been.
I WANT to share my vintage and thrifted finds with the world.
I WANT to do something that scares me.
I WANT to play my viola.
I WANT to go dancing often.
I WANT to spend more time with my husband.
I WANT to get more sleep.
I WANT to take better care of myself .
I WANT to hang more pictures in my home.
I WANT to make more movies and become a better actress
I WANT to throw myself a 32nd birthday party that was better than my 21st.
I WANT to have breakfast, alone, with my husband every Sunday.
I WANT to have dinner with my family once a week.
I WANT to be silly and laugh more.
I WANT to forgive.
I WANT to keep my mom's memory alive, everyday.
I WANT to make a difference in my community.
I WANT to make sure my clients know how much I care.
I WANT to want to wake up early.
I WANT to listen to more music.

haha..so I was thinking...every year I make resolutions....and they usually consist of things I think I want and need to do to get what I really WANT....and I don't really WANT those things...like...for instance...

"I will go to the gym everyday"...ummm no one WANTS to go to the gym everyday..I love working out like the next guy, but what I really want is a svelt body in which I love in a bikini...now if I WANT that, then I think I will do what I need to do..and if it means working out everyday...I think I will do whatever it takes to get what I WANT...

Are you guys following me here...I am very philisophical this morning...haha...I WANT a lot....but you know what is so exciting...I've got a whole year to do it all...and I can start over everyday...I'm excited to make things happen...and who knows..I might get something I didn't even know I WANTED....

Happy New Years friends...one year of blogging for the first time...and I can honestly say meeting each and every one of you..though I may not have spoken to you...or met you yet...has made my life much sweeter....Can't wait to get to know you all...

To making sure you all get your WANTS...

 now...let me cross off
I WANT to be silly and laugh more...

 DONE already DONE! haha see how easy it is to do what you WANT? I am a genius! you can copy me if you wanna...I will FORGIVE you...there goes another one! FORGIVE..see? haha

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