Five Inches

DKNY Thrifted Lace Skirt Savers

Heels Paris Hilton Marshalls

Bag Lulus

Blazer Michael Kors Marshalls


Tights Hue Marshalls
Outfit Details
Top- Qmode
Blazer- Michael Kors Marshalls
Lace Skirt- DKNY Thrifted Savers
Tights- Hue Marshalls
Heels- Paris Hilton Marshalls
Ring- F21
Earrings- Jewelmint
Bag- Lulus
Lipstick- Smitten Revlon

I almost busted my face wearing these heels...but after looking over the pictures I guess it was worth know when you are walking and your heel falls into one of those cracks in the street? Yeah that happened while I was walking into a clients was top it all off, this skirt doesn't allow me to walk very far, so I basically feel like Jessica Rabbit struttin around...haha Lesson learned...if I have to go ANYWHERE...while walking....don't wear these shoes....

Just a little insight into our filming was pretty awesome...and when I say pretty...I mean like totally Bad A**, we kicked some major boootey....but I can't turn my neck and I feel broken...P.E. does too...thanks for all of your support!!!

Oh and ummm is anyone out there watching the Housewives? haha ok, fine..well we are and umm haha NENE has lost her dog gone mind...seriously....


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