Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can I take your picture?


Vanguard Necklace




Outfit Details
Faux Fur Cardi- My Mom's
Sweater- Marshalls
Jeans- Thrifted Desert Industries
Booties- Buffalo Exchange
Vanguard Necklace- Jewelmint
Humanity Breacelet- Jewelmint
Fuscia Lipstick- Revlon

You know how you are taking pictures and a stranger offers to take your you immediately want to say no worries, but say yes anyway cuz they insist in getting a picture of you and your friend. You quickly explain how your camera works and you try to re-iterate that you must HOLD the button down in order for it to flash...
You stand and pose, smiling waiting for the flash only to realize the stranger is pressing down the wrong button. You quickly race to the camera to bring it back to the right screen and you remind them once again to HOLD the button down. The stranger takes what they think is a really nice thank them repeatedly and they walk away. You hurry to see what the picture looks like..and..

.NOTHIN.... NOT ONE picture of you and your friend...not even a bad one..

.that is why I am laughing my butt off in the pictures above...P.E. kept bringing it up...Friday couldn't come fast enough and now it is already Saturday and almost Sunday. I celebrated with a good friend today as she wished her babies Happy First Birthday..and P.E. and I are shooting our kung fu scene tomorrow for the short film we are working on. Wish us luck...or at least pray for our well being..haha

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend...that is flying to bed.



  1. So Im loving both of you in your faux fur :) I understand totally these photo taking do-gooders. They really do mean well

  2. Lol people that offer to take pics are so cute. I never say no because I know they're just being nice :)

    These pics you have here I really like. You are so LUCKY to live in LV. You guys actually get sunsets. I don't really get that here because for the last 2 hours of daylight the sun hides behind the huge hills. I want to have pretty sunset pictures like you, Shana! LOL.

    But enough of my look wonderful!!



  3. Hahaha I totally know about the kind-offer-picture-takers... they mean well though... anyways, you girls are fabulous! Loving the furry fur jackets and the overall effortless looks! I have to try out the Jewelmint because your jewelry pieces are really nice! Be safe with that kung fu :)
    Good luck!

  4. I love the fur jackets! You both look fabulous!



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