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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Goodwill Superstore Las Vegas Edition

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to Loren
The Inclined Plane

Gloves & Wig: The Internet, Overalls: Thrifted & Dyed, Shoes: Thrifted, Ears, Tail, Dress, Bow Tie: Homemade, Shirt: Old Navy

I am not sure if I really need to explain why I love these thrifted/hand made costumes!!! With Halloween being last week I thought we would go with a thrifted costume for the member of the week. Even though there were also some great thrifted pieces....from fall colors to vintage goodness there were some great pieces linked up! Loren you and your boy are adorable and I love everything about this! I also love your thrifty style and play with colors! If you haven't checked out Loren's fun blog then you must do so..her quirky eclectic style is always an inspiration!
If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week make sure to check it out! The link up lasts all week so you are never too late! I have some special members sending me pics and I will post them on Colorblind's facebook page HERE!

We held a small meeting this weekend at the Goodwill Superstore in Las Vegas! We had two new members join us and we found some great stuff! This particular Goodwill was HUGE!!! so we barely touched the surface...but here are a few of the things we found...
You can also check out Thrifters Anonymous on Youtube Channel where we filmed our adventure!
Sister found this jacket...soooo cute!

Sister found this jacket...soooo cute!

Dawnya found this LBD from White House Black Market...Wouldn't this be great with some maroon

VINTAGE...haha it's my purse people...sister didn't find this very funny...haha

YAY! Fallon was looking for mustard and she found some great mustard pieces!!

This vintage blush jacket was one of my favorite finds for Mandy!!

If this wasn't $10 I would have gotten it..

So pissed I didn't get this..ughhh

Banana Republic!

Vintage....look at those buttons..and the color! I think eggplant may be my new fav...


Sister really should have reconsidered this...haha

This purple skirt fit sister PERFECT!!!!

This vintage jacket was one of my favorites...

I absolutely loved this mustard sweater!!

This vintage Lacoste was a fav also!

Sister is wearing color! So pretty!

Loved the flowy pieces in this top!


This skirt was gorgeous!

Blurry but nice...haha


Another vintage piece...and polka dots!

There was a story...haha

I am so excited for this gold vintage excited..Linked up to Not Dead Yet Style!

Not sure what happened to SISTER but she did purchase everything she showed including the vintage purple leather skirt for $4.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Now it is your turn!
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  1. OMG, this post is SO amazing!!! Everyone found the coolest items and look so fabulous, not to mention look like you're having the Must get thrifting ASAP.


  2. Aw, thanks for the feature. You guys found some rocking pieces. I'll have to get my girlfriends to agree to a thrift haul like this it looks like so much fun. You always seem to be bringing home a HUGE bag, did I miss you sharing photos of your closet? I'd love to know where you are keeping all of this stuff... ;)

  3. You ladies found some great stuff! Love all those color pieces!

  4. That's the best Jessica Rabbit costume I've seen in years!

    I'm always amazed at how many adorable things you guys find at the GW. The one closest to where I live doesn't have much to choose from, but the one in SF has so much more. I love that black vintage sweater on you :)



  5. Loveee that first jacket that your sister found! This looks like such a fun day, I need to find a good store near me :)

  6. Love that you featured Loren - she is so cute!! And I adore looking at all your fins, esp that Christmas sweater. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday too, you rock : >

  7. I'm dying over the gold cardigan and your friends found some great stuff too. Really love the floral dress near the top of the photos! So cute! I need to go thrifting asap now.

  8. always enjoy your goodwill store thrifting photos, so fun. I'm amazed at the size of your goodwill stores, it's huge, I think I can spend three days there and break my bank.


  9. What a wonderful post. It looks like ya'll had so much fun and what great pieces. I love the gold cardigan and the vintage one with the embroidery. I am a sucker for embroidery.
    What an amazing Goodwill!

  10. You all have such different styles and body types and it's fun to see how thrifting can work for everyone! As for Loren and her boy, they had some of the best costumes I saw this year. Her style is quirky and charming, love her blog.

  11. I love so many pieces! Sister has a few tops I WISH I could squeeze in! Love the others vintage items as well. P.E. and that red shirt, that pink & black *thing a ma jig* (haha) I also love those dresses that P.E. snatched up.

    U guys found some gr8 items.

  12. Shana!! You girls totally scored. What great finds!!

  13. Your sister looking amazing in EVERYTHINg she tried on! Those blazer were a great fit on her too!


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