Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Kilbourn's

Give Thanks

Love this pillow!



Famous Gravy

Fresh Roses


I finally didn't forget my name!

Dessert Table

Cholcolate Fountain

SISTER LOVED the fountain

Pretzels and chocolate!



Aunt and Sister

Dad and Cousin






It was such a pleasure hosting Thanksgiving this year...it is a small tradition the hubby and I started about 2 years ago, we have a Thanksgiving dinner at our house on Friday night...where we are all able to eat TOGETHER... ONE meal...and stay until the sun comes up! Usually everyone has too many houses to go to, and ends up eating like 3 meals and not enjoying any...Who needs to give thanks on a specific day...it's all the same in my book. We stuffed our face with Dad's homemade gravy...which should win some sort of Gravy contest..if there was one...Sister helped make the house a home, and single handedly decked the dessert table to the max, adding a French Apple pie her boyfriend so graciously brought over after she forgot it! My aunt made her amazing stuffing, cousins brought some pies and specialty drinks, Debbie brought carmelized apples, I made two turkeys, homemade cranberry sauce, pumpkin bread, and my carrots and parsnips, and my papa sat at the head of the table to enjoy the meal. After dinner one of my dearest friends came over to enjoy S'mores, and sat in the backyard that my hubby transformed into this amazing lounge!
Aside from the massive oven fire my hubby started with the spanakopita and the malfunctioning of the chocolate fountain that my sister's amazing boyfriend resuscitated...the evening was perfect...



  1. Wonderful family gathering! You really did an amazing job hosting it! I love the cozy and loving pictures, thank you for sharing these precious moments.
    Good luck!


  2. Looks cozy and inviting.

    What a great gathering.

  3. Well what do we have here, another installment of Shana and her attractive family. Looks warm and cozy and can I say you are a real woman for hosting thanksgiving at your house. I leave that up to my sisters. Love the pic of the hubby smoking a stogie by the fire. hehe.

  4. Your Thanksgiving night totally looks homey and cozy and wonderfully inviting. I'm glad that you had such a wonderful time celebrating it your way with the people you love. I love holidays.


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