Thursday, November 24, 2011

No one can take away what you give...

Thanksgiving 3

Thanksgiving 2
My best friend...

Thanksgiving 1
{Thanksgiving 2010}

I really try to keep all my thoughts positive on this here blog...PO-SI-TIVE...While life happens, and not all my days are fantastic...nor are my outfits perfect...Exhibit A, I often feel anxious, confused, and just a tad bit scared...
Maybe it's the "control freak" coming out...or just the idea that my IDEA of things should be a certain way by a certain time...but there are days my friends...DAYS where I just don't understand why things happen...No signs, No hard fast and myself have breakdowns and there are no explanations or warning signs...
...My dad...always reminds me to look's sooo hard to look beyond when you are buried underneath the mess...but every time I talk to him I see this light...and it's like he pulls me out of it...I am thankful for him....he is my hero...This Thanksgiving I am reminded of what is truly important to me..what drives me everyday...what I do to go above and beyond..My dad always tells me that NO ONE can take away what you GIVE...I didn't really get it at first...I may not be able to control most things...but what I GIVE is MINE...and no one can take that away from me.

I have some new goals and dreams for 2012...I know it seems early but I think I will start on my list now... I will cherish my family, my friends, and myself is fragile and those moments I am alone, I remember to breathe...My hubby and I will be spending Thanksgiving with our family in our grandpa will be with us and it is such a blessing....I just wanted to remind everyone that noone is perfect...remember to smile, to laugh, and to breakdown....those feelings won't kill us...I know they say it will make us stronger..I am not totally sold on that yet...but after I feels just a little bit easier to get back up.

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving...thank you friends...can't wait to see all of the pictures from your feast..your family....and perhaps some shopping sprees! Love you all!



  1. I love that quote! I'll be sure to remember that one :)

    We all have bad days and worse days. Life likes to throw us a curve ball every now and then, unfortunately. But luckily, we have people who care about us to be there for us. Your dad & sis seem like such genuinely kind people. I'm glad you recognize that...sometimes people don't realize what they have and take them for granted.

    I hope you have the perfect Thanksgiving Day, Shana! You're awesome and so is your blog <3



  2. I'm sorry life isn't what you want it to be. That's an experience we all have at times. Hang in there. Your resolutions for the future are sound and will steer you to a happier tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Thanks for always being an inspiration. Hope you had a lovely day. Glad we had the opportunity to e-meet.

    Goodwill Hunting: Win the Pineapple Princess dress by Shabby Apple!
    Accessory alert: tassels

  4. Darling, I think I already shared this with someone, and I want to share this with you too. My grandma always said- "there's no morning without night, no laughter without tears, no top of the mountain without an alley... it's everything that makes us WONDERFUL!!!" It has helped me to accept life for what it is because perfection is final, instead dreaming, hoping, and giving is living :)
    Hope you have a blessed Holidays!
    Good luck!

  5. Lovely post, thanks for being so honest and sincere about your feelings, it's always not easy on the blog. Thank God for great families, have a wonderful thanks giving weekend!



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