Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is it too early for Sequins?



Soo good at Kona Grill


So much laughter...good for the soul..haha


Laughing some more!

Heels Guess


Boca Park Las Vegas NV


Boutique in Boca Park


AA in Boca Park
Outfit Details:
Me--Vintage Sequin Blouse- Thrifted Savers
Skinny Jeans- F21 Thrifted Savers
Heels- Guess Marshalls
Bracelet and Earrings - Jewelmint (sorry you can't see, I will post pics on my Facebook if you want to see!)
Purse- Coach Gifted

P.E.--Sequin Top-Thrifted Savers
Grey Corduroy's- Banana Republic
Booties- Michael Kors DSW
Bracelet- Downtown LA
Earrings- Thrifted Savers
Blazer- Thrifted Savers
The day before Thanksgiving, P.E. and I decided that we both were in much need of a vent and laugh session...oh we also housed that flat bread pizza and wine you see above. It was casual day and what better day than to wear SEQUINS!!!!! Some boutique browsing, photo shoots by the fountain, followed by this Thrifters Anonymous meeting at the Goodwill, I would say that we were both cured of whatever it was that was making us not so much ourselves...good friends are hard to come by...and when you come by one...try to laugh as much as possible...cuz when we are all wrinkly and not so fabulous...the laughter I'm sure will be the one thing that will feel the same....and with our birthdays looming around the corner...P.E. and I better keep laughing...haha Thanks P.E. for making my day just a little bit brighter and a tad bit inappropriate in public...and for rockin the sequins...Oh, and to answer your question...NO it is never too early for sequins...NEVER....



  1. I completely agree with you. It is NEVER too early to wear sequins. Especially when both of you wear it so well. I have these sequin pants that I am dying to wear. So I may be a little bit biased to say that you can wear sequins whenever you want :)

    I love your shoes btw. And your top is SO pretty!



  2. NO! It's not too early! LOVE this post. Sequins are fab and I may have to feature your style in an upcoming post on my NEW vintage column! :-)

    Bookmarking this!

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  3. Totally agree, sequins are ALWAYS acceptable!!!

  4. NEVER too early for sequins :) Theres something about combining them with denim that causes some perfect madness to happen...LOVE IT!

  5. It is never, ever too early for sequins! I love that you both found such amazing sequined tops at a the thrift store, that is amazing!

  6. Definitely not to early for sequins. Not the way you girls wear them. Super cute. LOVE P.E.'s blazer + sequin tank.

  7. I just love your sequined top..very cute color.

  8. Honey bye, it is NEVER early for sequins. Are you kidding me?!? You better work!!

  9. You always look gorgeous, Shana! And P.E. looks amazing! I love her sequinny top. So pretty!!

    There's just something about quality time with a good friend to bring you out of a rut, isn't there!?!

  10. Both of you look amazing, sequins always make the day just a bit more brighter and happier! :) Just like a great company and food!
    Good luck!


  11. Sequin has to be one of the most mood lifting things to wear. You both look fantastic. Oh, what fun!


  12. never ever is it too early for such a great thing!! looks like you ladies had a lot of fun snapping these photos!! love it!

  13. Can I just tell you it is NEVER to early for sequins. I smiled looking at all your pictures. You can just tell you girls had such a fabulous time. Loved it!

  14. I think everyone is in agreement here that the answer is NO. We all know whats up. Glad to know there is still hope for humanity out there. I feel like I walked by that plaza before in Vegas but I may have been drunk, drinking out my stratosphere shaped alcoholic slurpee.

  15. I love sequins all day every day. Both pieces are great finds.

  16. Sparkly love! never too early to have sparklies! just go with it! im lovin' it! you both look fab!


  17. I adore sequins. I want P.E.s outfit. And I want the ability to look hot in your outfit!

  18. Never too early for sequins!! This is gorgeous-- what a great color!

  19. Oh I am thrilled that I found your blog! You're such a doll and I love your style. Couldn't agree more, it's never too early to wear sequins!
    looking forward to following you
    Mae from Lili & Mae

  20. its never too early for sequins! love the bright blue.

  21. Love both of these looks. That blue top is so pretty! Lovely ladies!!!



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