Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Wear the Pants

Trousers H&M Thrifted


Top My Mom's

Kenneth Cole Heels Marshalls

Top My Mom's

Outfit Details:
Striped Eyelit Blouse- Ralph Lauren My Mom's
Wide Leg Trousers- H&M Thrifted Hopes Treasures
Heels- Kenneth Cole Marshalls
Bracelet- Thrifted Savers
Ring- F21
Vanguard Necklace- Jewelmint

I was told the other day that I never wear pants...I had to really sit with it and realize that I really don't...I mean I used to...but then I just decided one day that I was going to wear skirts and dresses...I wore suits and pants for so long that I just couldn't take it anymore I also think it is because they were all so BORING...Grey, Black, Blue, Grey and Black, Blue and Grey stripes, etc etc......I also have such a hard time finding them long enough...I know..not a really problem to have, but it's my's getting cold outside..and with my clumsy abilities, tights never last long on here I come pants...I am comin...whether you sit right on my ankle, or graze the top of my foot...I WILL be wearing more pants...or as I like to to call them... Trousers...just sounds better right? COLORS, PATTERNS...I have stocked up on some great thrifted trousers...more to come...

If you want to see what P.E. wore today, check out What We Wore on the Thrifters Anonymous Channel...



  1. I love this outfit!! I love the red trousers with the black and white stripped shirt!

    And to think you thrifted these make me jealous, lol!! I haven't been fortunate enough to come across any. Red wide leg trousers are a MUST HAVE for me, and since I haven't been able to find any at the price I wish to pay right now, I asked my mom to make some for me! :-) It's great to have a mom that can sew and sew very well. I sew a little, but not as well as she does!! Now I just need to get the pattern and clothe so she can make them!! LOL!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. These are great trousers, Shana - and I love the nautical look with the striped top. I hardly ever wear pants, except for jeans, but you are inspiring me!

  3. Great find! The pants are great. I am the same way. I used to wear pants all the time until I just make the decision to wear more "leg out" styles :)

  4. haha we are apparently trying to do the exact opposite thing! I wear pants ALL THE TIME and am trying to buy and wear more dresses. My pants really aren't super fun either so maybe I just need an awesome red pair : )


  5. i think "trouser" fit jeans, pants, etc are all more of a flattering cut on every body type, i need to get more like that. i love the red pants, bold and sassy!! and i tooooo miss youuuuuuuu, i don't know how things have gotten so hectic in my life, but they have so i still read all your entries, albeit late at night on my phone or early in the morning, but i do read and see how awesomely fabulous you always look, i just don't always have time to comment, but don't worry...i still be stalkin' u guuuurl! LOL!


  6. I have the same problem with pants... although I'm not super tall, 5'6", I have long legs, so they never are long enough and tall is too long!

  7. You're wearing pants your way, nothing boring here :) Holy moly red looks freakin amazing on you!


  8. If I would have pants like that, I would wear them! I am on a red pant hunt right now, but no luck yet. I like the way you paired it with the striped top, and I love the shoes! You have some cool shoes!
    Good luck!

  9. you wear the pants and you wore it so well, I like your red pants, it's fabulous. Pairing it with a blue striped top makes you look parisian chic!


  10. Cute pants!!! And great pictures, where are you? So jealous. Love colored pants these days!

  11. Those pants are perfect with stripes. Such an amazing find!

  12. Great red pants girl! I am debating buying some from Asos now. I love your new videos - If I haven't already I'm going to add your channel to my recommended list on YouTube.

    Goodwill Huntingg
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  13. I love those red pants! And you can't ever go wrong with black and white stripes!

  14. I adore red pants. I wore mine yeterday! You look fabulous as usual.

  15. I love your P.E. (and that she refers to herself as such) and I love your thrifted red pants-amazing! I'm not a big pants gal either but sometimes I'm feeling a good pair of trousers!

  16. Great pants. I'm usually trying to get out of them, but these are super cute.

  17. it is official...if I don't own red pants soon I am going to DIE...ok, not really. I am just always jealous of all my blogger buddies fabulous red pants.
    Love the entire look.

  18. I LOVE you girls!! your red/black stripes gave me and idea for new red pants:) Cool video keep posting them!!

  19. I love everything about this look. Reminds me how much I need a pair of read pants! Love the stripes and happy to see you're enjoying jewelmint. I like it too.

  20. Love the pants! I have been looking for a red pair for the longest.


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