Saturday, November 12, 2011

Heels in the rain...

Belt Thrifted Savers

Rainy Day
Tuxedo Blouse Thrifted Gap


Jessica Simpson Thrifted Buffalo Exchange

Purse Etienne Agner Giveaway win

Skinny Jeans Marshalls

Coat Savers Sam & Berry
Outfit Details:
Tuxedo Button Down: Gap Thrifted Savers
Skinny Jeans: Marshalls
Belt: Thrifted Savers
Purse: Etienne Agner Giveaway win
Earrings: H&M
Jacket: Sam & Berry Thrifted Savers

I wasn't quite ready to bust out the I thought I would test out my Jessica Simpson zipper goodness...and well...I must say..I felt pretty safe walkin around....something about walking around in heels that just makes you feel sexy...even if it's gloomy and you are wearing a jacket all day that pretty much covers your, I am so glad I thought to wear pink and green, outfit...I used to feel like I wasted an outfit if I left my jacket on...I am slowly starting to see jackets as part of your outfit..I know silly...but I'm a Vegas girl...jackets typically get in our way, and we often can't find where to put them, or store them...haha

Mine are on the floor.
underneath the collapsed closet.

Today we are shooting our short film, where we get to Kung Fu our way to stardom...or at least local "I know who you are" so wish me luck and hope that I don't bust my lip in the wedges the hubby recommended I have no clue...NONE

Have a lovely weekend friends.



  1. Honey! This is officially my FAVORITE outfit on you! The shoes, the coat, the purse- everything! You nailed this one! Good luck, dear! I just posted my Saturday outfit, though here where I live today is a perfect-no-coat-day!!!

  2. Look at how pretty you are! I really like this outfit on you...especially those shoes & skinny pants. You look amazing, like always :)

    xo Azu

  3. Very cute outfit! I have those same heels in black and cognac! They are so comfy!

  4. love the heels and the jacket definitely compliments your look!

    life spelled jen

  5. Love love love your outfit! And your makeup always looks amazing!! Good luck on filming your video this weekend! :)

  6. Love the coat and those shoes are amazing!

  7. You gorgeous gall! I am drooling over your shoes here ;)

    Good luck with the short film! I have full faith in you & those deadly wedges.

    triangle necklace giveaway

  8. FABULOUS heels! Love! Good luck on filming.


  9. This is a great little tailored look you have! Cute!

    Goodwill Huntingg

  10. Love these shoes the most. The zipper on the front is awesome.

  11. Loves this whole outfit, the color palette is on point!

  12. I love this whole outfit and I am with you! If I don't have to bust out the boots I am not going to, the zippers are stunning on these! I'm stopping by from Monday mingle!

  13. Those are some wicked heels, love them!

  14. Stopping by from Monday adorable are YOU!!!! Following along for sure..glad to have found your blog!
    What a score on those JS sandals...they make the outfit a little unexpected, love that! Also loving your leopard belt...just got one from Old Navy for 9 bucks that I ADORE and plan on wearing over everything.


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