Saturday, October 01, 2011

You going to a ballet class?

Jacket H&M


Belt thrifted

Flower ring: foggy morning jewelry

Dress vintage savers


steve madden

Outfit Details
Dress: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Jacket: H&M (I got it last year)
Shoes: Steve Madden DSW (Almost 4 years ago!)
Bracelet: Gift from Mom
Rose Ring: Foggy Morning Jewelry Designs

My hubby told me I looked like I was going to ballet class this morning...I guess I did feel bellerina-ish in this vintage dress...I loved that it was so flowy, and twirly...was that a word? haha

October is here! October 2011....ughhh are you serious? As the balls of sweat rolled down my back yesterday I was soooo excited to start this "New Day, New Shoe"'s kinda like a get a shopping fix in my own closet...and I get a challenge...which is necessary for me right now...I got these shoes as a gift almost 4 years ago and I have officially worn them 3 times...I am not sure why...they are so comfortable, they are grey, and they are perfect combo...I am loving this challenge already.

Join in on the fun by linking up HERE, or you can link up on my facebook HERE...I am excited about some shoes I will be wearing tonight. We are going to a Ball/Gala...

Oh, and thank you so much for all of the amazing comments and feedback from my feature on Style Chic 360 has been such a pleasure meeting new people, and I can't wait to visit everyone!!

Happy Weekend...time for Halloween ideas...
New Day New Shoes
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  1. Sounds like a fun challeng! Love the shoes, and yes, you do look like a dancer! Very cute;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. For some reason, you look so different in the first pic!
    Love the bright color and twirl-worthy skirt. The stripes are awesome, and the shoes are so cute! Dance Ballerina, Dance!

  3. Very cute and your ballet arms & hands are beautiful, looks like you've taken some ballet. Either that or you should cause you're a natural.

  4. Gorgeous outfit, lovely poses - and who doesn't want to be a ballerina?? : >

  5. Love that chic and I love the color nice! Your ballerina poses are too!


  6. luv this look fab blazer!!!! goes perfect w/ the pink dress

  7. Love the color of the dress! I love how you paired it with the turquoise belt.


  8. I'm always in! Love that dress. If that is "ballerina" according to Adam than I want to be a "ballerina!!!!"

    You look amazing.

    Get Up & Go

  9. Oooo I love this color combination! great blazer.
    Goodwill Huntingg

  10. You look so adorable! I absolutely love the combo of pink and stripes. Great hair too.

  11. I so Love all of your posts!!! I'm a firm believer in a Splah of color!!! Now Following!

  12. I am loving this outfit girl! Its SUPER pretty! I found your blog via Inez at Style Chic 360. I'm loving it. You have a new follower. I'm so intrigued by your style.

    7eventh Letter

  13. I love the intense color of your dress. It's is very ballerina-esque. So are you moves on the impromptu barre you found!

  14. Those shoes are made for you! And for me too...hahaha! They're so pretty :) Sounds like your having fun with this challenge already.

    PS. That's a very pretty dress. Definitely ballet-ish but not in that cheesy costume-y kind of way.

  15. PS - I am in LOVE with the YouTube channel. I just watched the videos again!

    Get UP & Go

  16. always enjoy your monday thrifty adventure. Makes me want to head down to the thrift store right away. You are so good at picking all the fabulous stuff!
    Thanks for the link up.


  17. You look beautiful in this outfit. Love the dress, the shoes, the belt you name it. Fabulous!

  18. Hi! I came here through SheRea's feature about you--and I love everything about your blog!! I'll be back :)!


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