Thursday, October 06, 2011

To Love, To Live, and To Give and Give...

So, I don't order many things...but when I do I am pretty picky about what it is I am buying. I had been hearing about JewelMint for some time now and finally decided to check it out.

Jewel 6

Jewel 7

For those of you who are not familiar, Jewelmint was created by Celebrity stylist Cher Coulter and actress Kate Bosworth. The first step is to take a free style profile where you choose different styles, colors, and items that you like. Once you have taken the profile, JewelMint sends you your personalized jewelry collection for the month. As a member you get access to exclusive jewelry collections each month for $29.99. Shipping is FREE, and you can return items without any hassle. Now...let's face it...anything that says there is a membership pretty much turns me away...I mean who has $30 a month to spend on jewelry...ok, maybe we do...but we don't always want at the beginning of every month you just log in and Skip that month essentially opting out...No charge...There’s no obligation ever.

Anyway, The style profiler was AWESOME...and this was the first piece it chose for me...ummmm it was right on point my friends...I had received a 50% code from one of my twitter friends @UWlovesfashion so I HAD to try it...I am beyond excited...
Look at this little description of the piece, LOVE this!

Jewel 3

Jewel 1

The chain and the little chain fringe are my favorite...aside from the blue stone...obviously if you haven't noticed blue is my favorite color...It's got such a rocker chic vibe to it, with a southwester flair...throw it on with a t-shirt, or place it on lace and excited...
Jewel 4

AND I got a free gift!! The humanity bracelet..such a great message...!
Jewel 13

Jewel 14

Jewel 15
All in all...the packaging, the necklace, and the experience was pretty awesome..and I am not being paid for this nor was I given the it's for reals folks!

I think what I enjoyed most about Jewelmint other than the obvious love of the jewelry...was the experience...I am ALL about the experience which is probably why I love to thrift...there is a story behind every piece...and that is what makes it special...spoecial for me...made for me...ok I know...there are like 100 other ladies rockin this necklace...but once they are gone..they are gone...ok unless they bring it back because it is popular like this one.... but you catch my drift...
I am not sure how many pieces I will buy...but I can't wait to see my October Showroom!
Have you guys bought anything from Jewelmint?
Check out their website HERE, you can also follow them on Twitter for specials and deals..they are celebrating their one year anniversary and you can get 20% off using this code:ANNIV20
Happy Shopping! Share pics of your Jewelmint pieces on my facebook HERE, would love to see!



  1. I have been wanting to try Jewelmint for a while now, so thank you for giving me a little kick! That necklace is gorgeous!


  2. love jewelmint! great purchase.


  3. I have a few pieces, it's becoming an obsession. I know it has nothing to do with the jewelry, but I love their packaging! It's so pretty and expensive looking!

  4. I had never heard of Jewelmint until I read this. It sounds amazing and fun. The gift is so cute :)

    Can I just say that your makeup is FLAWLESS? Your face looks soft and pretty. You should totally do a beauty post some time.

  5. Amazing necless! And love your outfit! :)

  6. I have seen these jewelminters before and it always looks like good stuff. If I had a real gig I might invest. I'd like to say that I was thinking about you the other day and decided it wouldn't matter if you put on the most hideous hobo stained blanket, you could make it look good. You are gorgeous Shana but Im sure your hubby tells you that all the time and you dont need some freaky blogger girl telling you. Well, thats what I thought haha.

  7. Are you wearing a blanket? ;)

    Seriously, you look SO elegant and glamorous in these photos.
    Thanks for sharing your new jewelry! It's beautiful. And did you know your new necklace would totally match that awesome bracelet you're wearing?

  8. Thank you so much for the suggestion of jewel mint! I do have to say I love the turquoise necklace along with the bracelet you are wearing. They go so well together for two different pieces.

  9. I wanted to try them too! I am doing that this weekend!!!

    Get Up & Go

  10. GIRL! You make me want to sign up too! I like you have seen the advertisement and always thought it would be fun too...I may just have to look into it!

  11. OOH, this is your blanket poncho, isn't it?!?!?! LOVE IT!!

  12. haha you guys are awesome! haha and IS the blanket!!


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