Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thrifters Anonymous: Savers Halloween Edition

Sexy Geisha
Kimono: $5

Preppy School Girl
Preppy School Girl
Heels:  $8
Button Down:  $4
Wrap plaid skirt: Vintage  $4
Leather Briefcase: $2
Outfit Total: $18

Chic Cowgirl
Sexy Cowgirl
Leather skirt:$6
Plaid Shirt: $3
Leather Vest: $4
Leather Cowboy Boots: $10
A Little bit country
Another Version of a cowgirl!
Leather Skirt: $5
Boots: $10
Fringe plaid Top: $4
Hat: $3
Army Brat!
Army Brat
Marine Shirt: $3
Skirt: $2
Boots: $10
Purse: $2
Hat: $2
Outfit Total: $19
Sexy Inspector!
Coat: $5
Tie: $2
Heels: $3
Leather Briefcase: $2
Blanket $2
Belt: $2
Sombrero: $3
Morroccan Me :O)
Morroccan Princess
Kaftan: $7
Super Shana!
Super "Shana" Hero
Cape: $3

80's Prom! or 90210 :O)
80's Prom or Kelly and Brenda from 90210!
Dress: $4
Flapper Girl
Roaring 20's
Vintage Dress: $6
Heels: $7
Sequin Belt: $1
Outfit Total: $14
Wedding Singer he he
80's Bride, add some blood and you are a haunted bride!
Vintage Wedding Dress: $30
Coming to America!
African Princess (Coming to America!)
Dashiki: $6
Tea Anyone!
Stepford Wife
Vintage Suit: $9
Hats: $2-$5
{All outfits were from Savers using a 20% off coupon for bringing donations in!}
FINALLY!!!! I ask you to join us on our awkward, always Thrifty, and often silly Thrifters Anonymous Savers Halloween Edition!!!

I have teamed up with Savers to bring you over 30 costume ideas using clothes and accessories all from SAVERS!!!We found some incredible just goes to show you that there are so many creative options for under $10 that will get you ready for your Halloween Extravaganzaaasss!!! And the beauty is knowing you will be the only one with your get up! Unless you want to buy one of those bagged costumes that always start with "Slutty" haha  I mean I know..I have been there! So for more ideas, special tips and tricks watch P.E. and I while we scour the racks of SAVERS!!!

Thank you for all of your support, subscribing and liking all of our videos..I know we are totally behind but we are having so much fun!!

and thank you SAVERS! for making this extra special for us!!!

haha I had some other Youtube thumbnail choices..but...I mean...HOW perfect is this? haha



  1. "Who wants modest??" haha love you guys.
    xo, Leslie of HauteThrift

  2. OH MY GOD! Love the Ike shoes and Pointer Sisters dress. SO FUNNY!

    Get Up & Go

  3. This actually makes me want to dress up for Halloween this year! So fun, thanks for sharing. :)

  4. The kimono! the leather vest! I die.

  5. The inspector one is funny! My two favorite outfits: Vintage wedding dress & Stepford wife (I actually want that suit!).

    Love your creativity :)

  6. This looks soooooo fun!!!!!! I'm a new follower!! I saw u on Inez's blog and loved ur style!!

  7. Wow! I am so impressed with all your finds- and your creativity!

  8. I watched the entire thing. U made me lol. I like how you renamed all the sections of the stores. Bahahaha. And please tell me u bought that kaftan cause it looked really pretty with that belt.

  9. I throughly enjoyed that video it was way to cute!!!! U R supa funny... I watched it with my daughter & we both agree that you have a spunky lil personality!!!! Love how you paired all the FITS!!!! Thanks for sharing...

  10. Great idea! You did a great job with the video...

    Goodwill Huntingg

  11. This is sooo fun! Thrifted costumes is a perfect thrifty idea! I love to go thrifting with you, so fun and exciting.


  12. This is sooo fun! Thrifted costumes is a perfect thrifty idea! I love to go thrifting with you, so fun and exciting.


  13. I'd buy that wedding gown to have my own photo shoot.

  14. Well it's official. I must go to Vegas and thrift with you.


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