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A Second Look Project: Featuring P.E. March 2011

Cardigan Ann Taylor Loft Thrifted

Top Thrifted

Skirt Vintage Thrifted

Wintage 80's Earrings Thrifted

Confidence: Within priceless :O)
Outfit Details:
Blouse: Thrifted Savers
Skirt: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft Thrifted Savers
Earrings: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Ring: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Heels: Ann Taylor Thrifted Savers
{These pictures were taken March 2011}
FINALLY! Here is an update on P.E. !! Today's Edition she discusses EATING habits, and knowing what and how much food your putting in your body..learning to say NO!

P.E. :
OK, I will have to start off by apologizing for the delay of the "A Second Look Project". Since its been so long since the last posting, hopefully someone out there is still interested in my progress. I am currently near the end of my body and fashion transformation and got caught up in my own world for a minute. Shana has actually been waiting for me to write about my journey for over a month now. So here it is...this is how I found my swagger.

So, on the last segment of the "A Second Look Project" I learned about eating. Unfortunately, I always knew how to workout but no one could tell because I was the strongest fat person you have never met all- only because of my food choices. Its so funny how I had convinced myself that I was eating right and looked in the mirror and told myself that I was "skinny fat" in a size 16 jean.

But when I was forced to break down my daily food intake and and actually calculated it, it blew my mind that my body is taking in more calories than Mary Kate and Ashley should be taking in. Well to make a long story short, Shana convinced me to go to Weight Watchers with her (which I was totally against doing for the longest time).  (This was when Jennifer Hudson was announced as the new spokesperson and well before she turned invisible.) 

Here I learned that I knew nothing about food- and I mean NOTHING!! I was soo checked and forced to change EVERYTHING that I put in my mouth, if I wanted to transform into Serena Williams stunt double.

Ugh! It was so freaking hard to wean myself off of grease, processed foods, and my secret love of late night fast food/diner over-eating. 

{My detox took almost 2 months of being a miserable "B" but I saw instant results! I went to WW for about a month and a half.}

The hardest part was dealing with my boo. We ate out a lot which is not bad. But since I'm a thrifter in every aspect, most of the time we ate everywhere that had a special or where I could use a coupon which usually meant a cheap unhealthy, yummy, comforting meal. 

Although I had all this knowledge and had a new food routine, he was my sabotagER and I gave in (because I secretly wanted to and I could just blame him for it later). How could I tell my gentle giant "NO!" to fast food with those eyes? Well I lucked out and he went out of town for a couple of months. I was finally able to concentrate on me, me, me, me, me!!! This process was a blessing in disguise and the main reason for my success. Thanks' for listening.......

With much love from,
Stay tuned to see how P.E. got her groove back (not like Stella folks) with Food, Fitness, and eventually Fashion................
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  1. You look seriously great, this skirt is gorgeous on you. I totally understand about 'learning to eat' I grew up with very health conscious parents and I took for granted the information they imparted on me. Then I met some girls in college that seemed to have no clue how to eat and that 'fat free' isn't always a good thing. (Of COURSE Twizzlers are fat free they are 100% sugar.) Keep up the good work you look fantastic.

  2. I love PE. She is so wise with her "shut it down" comments. PLUS she is beautiful and a great dresser...

    Get Up & Go

  3. wow...I love the earrings. they really add a lot to your outfit!

  4. Cool and different style!

  5. I really love the pink and blue together and the print on that blouse is so pretty. Thanks for linking up!


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