Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Dolla

Heels Michael Antonio Hottie

Lunar Blue Necklace Jewelmint


Heels Michael Antonio

Dress Goodwill of S. NV

Dress Thrifted Goodwill

Lipstick Covergirl Rose Nude

I heart Jewelmint
Outfit Details:
Vintage Dress: Goodwill of Southern Nevada Thrifted
Heels: Michael Antonio
Necklace: JewelMint Lunar Blue Necklace

That's how much this dress cost me. Yep...$ has pockets, it is mustard, and it fits me perfectly I HEART Goodwill. I also bought these heels almost 7 years ago and I have NEVER worn them...I am noticing a pattern folks...I think I have a problem....I mean...I actually kinda liked these, delicate, light, so I might keep these. Oh, and I have gotten a lot of questions in regards to my wardrobe and work. Really quick, I wear about 95% of what you see to work everyday. The rest is on the weekend...but almost all of it is to work. I am a group benefits broker here in Vegas and while I push the professional envelope sometimes, I feel as though I have kind of changed the rules a little...I love it and I feel good...and the best part is when someone asks me how much something is...i.e. this dress...

You guys can email me anytime..sometimes I try to email you guys back but can't find your email anywhere so I apologize! You can also email me on FACEBOOK here!

I am off to the gym this morning and then the hubby and I are going to hang out...not sure if we are going anywhere....I kind of just want to rent a movie and do nothing....lots of NOTHING this weekend...oh, and I finally bought a garment rack to start hanging all the vintage and new. I need to get organized.

Have a great weekend!


  1. wow this is so adorable!!!!, i luv the poses with your heels so cute!!! and flawless makeup dear

  2. That dress is a WOW! LOVE IT. Glad you are doing nothing too this weekend! Us too....

    Love you!

    Get Up & Go

  3. Gorgeous! Fab. find for sure. Have fun doing 'nothing'... I envy you. Doing nothing is the best. :)

  4. A dollar, that is amazing! You look fab, and your delicate heels are so gorgeous. Enjoy your lounging day : >

  5. Shana, $1???!!!! Are you serious??? OMGGGGG... That is a major SCORE!!!! U make a $1 dress look like a million bucks!!!!

  6. Ah! I love the color and print of that dress and $1? Get out of town! Also loooove that necklace, I checked out jewelmint but didn't get the guts up to go through with it, that necklace looks lovely on you!

    I started a new inspiration series link-up and I'd love to have you join in :) Check it out if you'd like!

  7. I can't believe it was only a buck. It fits you like a glove and is the most flattering color!

    You lucky gall - wish I could find anything remotely as nice in a thrift store, but the ones around here SUCK.


  8. Love the pattern of the pretty and unique! Mix and Match Fashion

  9. Say WHAAAAAAAT?! That's amazing and LOOKS amazing on you!!!

  10. amazing dress for just one dollar, great thrifting job!


  11. Amazing dress and even more amazing that it was thrifted. It is a wonderful outfit.

  12. the dress is beautiful! i love the color, the print and that is has pockets. such a great find!

    greetings from florida!


  13. GORG!
    Yes that is a Win Win!

    I scored BIG this wkn on some Turq pants (check me out soon, I should have my blog together)


  14. Amazing! You look gorgeous. Love the jewelmint necklace!

  15. Ooooh do I love this dress not only because of the style but it has pockets and was a buck....You look really nice!

  16. Hi Shana! That dress was $1? It is amazing and gorgeous, something I'd expect to find on Asos for $99! I work in the Finance world as well and always am glad to come across ladies like you who enjoy something more than the traditional conservative look!


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