Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Veiny Roots

Bag Gifted Coach

Blouse Catholic Chairites

Necklace World Market

Wedges Seychelles

Tweed Skirt Thrifted

Tights: Betsy Johnson Marshalls
Outfit Details
Blouse: Thrifted St. Vincents Catholic Charities
Tweed Skirt: F21 Thrifted Savers
Tights: Betsy Johnson Marshalls
Hawk Wedges: Seychelles Amazon.com (Gift Card)
Necklace: Cost Plus (World Market Center Gift Card-Thank you Dawnya!)
Grey Rose Ring: Foggy Morning Jewelry Designs

I almost lost it last night...yeah..I erased yet another video and a set of pictures from the holidays over the weekend. The video was of my grandpa....who was talking about life...UGHGHHH I will have to explain later...I was so angry...some of the pics were great...but you know what I didn't erase? You wanna see what pics remained on the camera? Do you? haha YEP...These awesome pics of my grown out hair and veiny feet...REALLY? Are you kidding me right now? I mean...does one foot look bigger than the other...what is this crap!


You know I know that things happen for a reason...but I see no reason why I have these pics in my possession other than to tell all of you...NEVER ERASE anything until you have double and triple checked on your computer that you have saved it. Cuz otherwise you end up with veiny roots...

I am not sure how I feel about Kim's wedding...Kardashian that is...Ice swans? huh? and that creepy molester mustache her hubby was rockin was..well....Creepy...

P.S. New Day New Shoes Challenge is still going on for me....I have'n't posted every shoe but so far I have realized that I don't know what I am waiting for!!I have so many I don't wear!



  1. so beautiful girl!! Loved what you said about glass swans! I thought the same...ugh...I thought we were going for a classy look????? hmmm..

  2. gorgeous look! so simple, yet chic! love the necklace :)


    Fashion Fractions

  3. I LOVE this outfit! love that skirt and with that beautiful top and the tights and booties...ah! it is perfection!!!

  4. love this look, and those shoes!! they are fabulous!

  5. LOL! Ice swans? I didn't see the show, but that sounds pretty random.

    Loving your tweed skirt. And there is nothing wrong with your feet! :)


  6. I really like this skirt! The necklace is so fun and cute!!!

    Carsedra of:



  7. Hellooo! You are awesome! I've seen the thrifters anonymous buttons, and now I know where they came from! You've got great style and you are so lovely! I need to link up sometime!

  8. Great outfit, I love the necklace with the color of the blouse.


  9. Kardashian's are mysterious for sure.....Seriously though why is your one foot so different from the other???? Haha.

    Get Up & Go

  10. You call it a wedding, I call it a fedding. It's a fake wedding. Kim is gorgeous to look at but there is nothing going on upstairs! Did you see when she couldn't even describe her own style to Sears? Her sisters had to step in. You know you and I could describe our style in a heart beat. Ok and I love your hair and wish mine was that long. How long have you been growing that gorgeous mane?

  11. My thoughts on the KK wedding: 1st - I hate this "Khris" guy, Christopher is spelled with a "C", you idiot! 2nd - You'd think with 3 dresses, at least ONE would be flattering, guess not. And they were all ill-fitting to boot.

  12. Totally been there done that with my pics and videos. Not a great day by any means at my house either. Now I immediately burn everything to CD.

    Love the outfit. It is so cute:)


  13. I came back from a three month internship in China (during the Olympics), and just days after I had uploaded everything onto my computer and erased my photos from my camera's memory card, my hard drive crashed! I was so devastated, & I do know exactly where you're coming from. :(

  14. Ok, the necklace is supa cute! But then again you are always stylish!

    Now on to KK wedding... I'm TOTALLY NOT feeling Kris Humphries. I can only pray that they put just as much effort into that marriage as they did that wedding!


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