Thursday, October 27, 2011


Maxi Goodwill WA

Heels Kenneth Cole Savers

The Sun

Tuxedo Jacket NY & Co. Thrifted Savers

Lipstick Loreal

Necklace Thrifted Catholic Charities

Top Vintage Thrifted Goodwill NV


Rings F21 Jewelmint
Outfit Details:
Blouse: Vintage Thrifted Goodwill of S. NV
Tuxedo Blazer: NY & Co. Thrifted Savers
Pleated Maxi: Thrifted Goodwill in Sterling Virginia
Rings: Long Gold F21, Urban Warrior Ring Jewelmint
Necklace: Thrifted Catholic Charities
Heels: Kenneth Cole Thrifted Savers

The sun is still out and I forgot my camera. P.E. Killed it today with my Droid...yep....these pics were taken with my cell phone...I know right?...I had totally forgot about this Vintage polka dot may have remembered me talking about it in THIS haul video where I go go gadget armed it, through this lady to get it...I am so glad I did..I love it..the color...the polka dots... I am also in love with this pleated maxi..I got it at the Goodwill in Sterling Virginia... with Sarah.It is big so I safety pinned it..I loved how long it was...

I am also wearing these Kenneth Cole's that I passed up at Savers and couldn't stop thinking about them for 3 days and went back and got them...they were $4...I love them...

 and last but not least the urban warrior ring..not sure if you can really see it really well...but I LOVE IT...and it was a $1 from Jewelmint with a Promo code...see I told you they had ridiculous deals....

Happy Thursday!



  1. I love these photos of you and I totally bow down in the presence of your supreme thriftyness!


    Ps trying to join your thrifty blogger brigade... Once I figure out how to oberate those banners I'll be all over it!

  2. Amazing photos!!!

    Get UP & Go

  3. Great the top and shoes!


  4. I love the outfit!! I can't believe you took those pics with your phone!

  5. You look so pretty and your accessories are amazing! I really like you green and pop of red from your shoes. Really cute!

  6. wow I'm amazed at your cell phone pictures, they look great, looks like you may not need your camera. The pokka dot top is beautiful, I love the color. And the fullness of the skirt is fabulous


  7. This top is adorable! I love your Thriftaholics idea - I keep meaning to participate but always miss it! Is it always on Sundays?

    Thanks :)


  8. Im going to need you to hand over that skirt!!


  9. That green polka dot top is so pretty! Thanks for linking up!

  10. Savers just opened up by my parent's house in the suburbs...I'm tempted to drop in to see what I'll find! I want your's gorgeous!

  11. Love your blouse- it's gorgeous! And that third photo is incredible- can't believe it was taken with a phone!!

  12. You are having all kinds of jewelmint luck, girl! That ring is awesome and the necklace from the last post is ... well, I'm speechless - I love it!!!
    Love this outfit on you - it's so polished boho! And the photos are beautiful, can't believe that was your phone...I really need to get up with the times, hahaha!

  13. I love your Vintage blouse stunning color :-)

    I will follow you, follow mine?


  14. You look like one of those beauticians in emerald city from the wizard of oz. Like you're going to curl the cowardly lions hair and put a bow in it. Good look for you I say. P.E. Always kills it with the mad photog skills. Droooooiiid. I said that in the droid voice.

  15. WHAT! I have a droid and NEVER take pics with it. You are always beautiful but with a CELL PHONE! WOW~! This is a killa outfit and I love the emerald green.


  16. What a gorgeous look. J'adore that blouse!

  17. Love this entire outfit!! Especially the green top! You look gorgeous in those pics too!


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