Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey Dynasty

Heels Carlos Santana Thrifted Savers

Volunteers in Medicine

Purse Vintage Thrifted Savers



Vintage Thrifted Savers Tiffany's



Vintage Clutch Savers

Dress Vintage

Dang girl...yo sleeves are huge! haha

Outfit Details:
Vintage Dress: Thrifted Savers
Heels: Thrifted Carlos Santana Savers
Vintage Purse: Thrifted Savers
Vintage Studs: Thrifted Goodwill

A couple of weeks ago we attended the Volunteers in Medicine Ball..we attend a lot of Balls...I'm not complainin here, and yes I said balls... after a while, you run out of fancy dresses, and well, it gets a bit in one of our thrifting ventures I found this dress...I remember jumping up and down with excitement. "Do you see these shoulders?" I exclaimed to P.E. She was just excited and I let it sit in my closet until such an occasion.

When I walked downstairs I got the look. YOU know what look I am talkin about...THE "Hey Dynasty" hubby mumbled...
"ok..ok..leave me alone..I love this dress" I quickly rebutted and left for the ball"

Half way through the ball dessert was being served and the hubby was complaining of being full, so he turned to me and asked..
"Hey I'm too full to eat you mind if I take my dessert and store it in your shoulders? No one will see?
Whatever....NO ONE else had my dress...and I was told I was reminiscent of breakfast at Tiffany's one of the auction THERE..

Confidence is what got me through this night... and all those foolios that bought their dresses at Barneys...yeah...mine was from SAVERS...and it was $4.99 BAM



  1. LOVE it! You look fabulous!! Men don't get it :)

  2. I love that dress and I totally have sported one just like it!!

    Goodwill Huntingg

  3. Haha, cute story! Men clearly don't get it; you look stunning! :)
    I love that you have the confidence to wear this!

  4. LOL @ hey dynasty. Clearly he couldn't see the beauty in this dress. You look absolutely gorgeous.


  5. wow i can't believe it was only $4.99. i always want to go thrifting but i've never found any good places down here. the dress is fantastic by the way and i love you bun!

    life spelled jen

  6. Shana, youuuuu look GORGE!!!!

    Wait a minute!!!! Did you say $4.99???!!!! Wow... what a FABulous bargain!!!! I can never find deals like that! Those shoulders on that dress are FAB!!!! I wanna dress up and go to a BALL!!!!! (In my spoiled voice) lol

    BTW, that is too funny of your hubby to say that... sound much like the jokestar I’m married too!

    ~Thanks for sharing

  7. I appreciate that I'm not the only one getting teased by a man about my fashion choices. Psft, men! What do they know?!

  8. love this dress! it IS very breakfast at tiffanys :)

  9. Men know NADA. You look incredible. LOVE THE DRESS.

    Get Up & Go

  10. That sounds just like my hubby. Good for you for being confident & rocking that dress. Confidence really does go a long way :)

  11. i seriously love this dress on you! and you know what they say, confidence is the key to looking great :)


    Fashion Fractions

  12. lovely.

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

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  13. You are definitely rocking this dress and the fact that is is $4.99 makes it even more beautiful! Love your hair as well.

  14. LOL on hubby's comment. I think he would get along with my husband really well;)

    I have to say that the puffy shoulders are my favorite part. This is a lovely find.


  15. I love this dress!!! So chic and I bet no one there looked as banging!!

  16. You look love in that dress! It's very unusual which makes it all the more interesting :) lol, ur hubby is funny though.

  17. I can't believe this outfit is completely thrifted. You look FAB! The hair and everything is perfect with the look!

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  18. You look amazing!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  19. Okay you are my friend in my head! My bestie and I use foolio, bam, pow and boom ALL of the time! Your posts are cracking me up. Your hubby was funny with that. I love your look! I am on my summer break for two more weeks (teacher, hence the comment after comment posting:)

  20. Your husband is funny but you got the last laugh! You were stunning in that dress-BAM!

  21. Your husband is funny but you got the last laugh! You were stunning in that dress-BAM!


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