Thursday, October 20, 2011

AZTEC Vintage


Heels Elle Kohls

Dress Thrifted Goodwill Ashburn VA

Necklace Thrifted Savers

Heels Elle Kohls

Dress  Goodwill

Bag Coach Thrifted
Outfit Details:
Vintage Aztec Dress: Thrifted Goodwill Ashburn VA
Booties: Elle Kohls
Necklace: Thrifted Savers
Bracelets: Target, Saver
Bag: Coach Gifted

Do you guys remember this dress? If not....I got it the Goodwill in Ashburn Virginia..I almost didn't get it cuz it was $8..I know...I am just glad Sarah looked at me crazy and goes..."Umm you better be getting that dress? Or I will get it!" Ever notice when someone wants something you have you want it even more...well..that is what happened with this here I it...and happy..and after cussing out the guy at Goodwill for being too pricey I immediately hugged him and said I was an addict from Vegas who clearly needed to CHILL OUT...amazing how our standards change...I would of bought this in a heart beat at H&M and not cussed out a single person! I'm sorry Goodwill guy..and I thank Sarah for wanting this dress...

"New Day, New Shoe challenge" Yep..another pair I have yet to wear...I got these at Kohls after P.E. gave me her $5 Gift Certificate and 15% coupon...thanks P.E.



  1. A truly gorgeous dress, sometimes its worth spending that bit extra on thrifty pieces. $8 is still a bargain, really

  2. This is an amazing dress! I would have scoffed and hemmed and hawed about the $8 price too. But you absolutely made the right decision definitely worth the price.

  3. Love this dress, amazing find!!

    <3 emma

  4. Gimme that amazing dress!!!


  5. I agree with Erica! $8 is a pretty darn good deal. Glad you got it, but sad I didn't....haha! LOVE THAT DRESS. I'm 10% happy for you 90% jealous. HAHA.

    Get Up & Go

  6. I LOVE this dress! The pattern is stunning, the drop-waist is such a unique twist and those amazing booties give the look an adorable edge!
    I know what you mean, working at a consignment store, when someone is thinking about a piece I tried on or thought just makes me think I should've gotten it when I had the chance, haha!

  7. TOTALLY adore this frock and those booties on you! Great look!


  8. another thrifty gorgeous dress! I love the tribal print. You are a super thrifter.



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