Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Day, New Shoes Challenge

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So I got so many emails and messages about my idea to basically wear a new pair of shoes everyday for 30 days...While we have always focused on remixing our clothes, I often neglect my shoes...I know..I's not like a REAL problem....but maybe I have too many....maybe I don't wear them cuz they are not comfortable...or maybe I just need to change it up to really appreciate what I have.

Either way, I will be wearing a new pair of shoes everyday starting OCTOBER 1, 2011...That's this Saturday...and if you guys want to join in on the fun and check out everyone's unused shoes ..haha add your blog page to the link in the page on the left titled New Day, New Shoe Challenge.....No rules really, just wear a new pair of shoes...cuz I know all of you have at least 30 pairs...who are we kidding...and if you only have 15 pairs then wear 15 for 15 days...

I am excited to WEAR my own shoes...and also excited to perhaps clean out some shoes that are either not fitting me properly...or just don't tickle my fancy anymore...My feet shrunk like 1/2 and if you guys wear size might be gettin some new shoes! haha

Ok, can't wait to see you guys!! I will also post pics on my FACEBOOK!
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New Day New Shoes



  1. Wow, that sounds like a great idea! How fun :) I bet it would be a little challenging for me. I tend to wear the same 3 pairs of shoes over and over lol.

  2. Shana :), I can tell you have some beautiful pairs of shoes just by looking at THIS post. Would be a super fun challenge for you! Well, I just had a look into my closet and I have currently about 10 pairs, hahaha. Time to shop you say? :-D

  3. I wish I wore size 10 - you have some amazing shoes! And did you take all the shoe pictures yourself? I love them.

  4. love your shoes

  5. I am a huge shoe fanatic so am excited to see everyone's shoes (I think at last count I had over 90!) Only thing is I've been bad at posting daily outfit photos but I'll play as I go along :)

  6. I am doing a similar challenge in trying to wear all my shoes once within the year. I am on board, this is going to be fun!

  7. Such a fun idea!

    I wish this came up in the summer (as my fall shoe wardrobe is seriously lacking!)

    But I'll definitely have to try this!


  8. Sounds fun ...and I may just have to join ya! And as for those size 10's, I think a Size 10 shoe swap would be GREAT!!!


  9. LOVE this idea.
    I am totally drooling over your shoes. They are so gorgeous! You are so lucky that you don't wear my size. I might be tempted to hop over and steal your shoes!

    Also... I recently sat and watched all of your videos. They are so much fun I wanted to climb through the screen and join in the shopping and sharing fun. Hope that didn't sound too creepy. :)

  10. What a GREAT idea!! I wear the same 2 pair of sandals EVERY day (and I have some great shoes just no ambition to wear them!!). I am going to have to link up!


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