Thursday, September 29, 2011

Neutral + Neon

Heels Tahari Marshalla

Jacket Vintage Thrifted

Dress Vintage Thrifted Savers

Rose Gold Ring Foggy Morning Jewelry

Neon + Neutral
Outfit Details
Pleated Dress: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Blazer: Vintage Thrifted Goodwill of Southern Nevada
Gold Bracelet: Savers
Heels: Tahari Marshalls

You know what you can't see in this photo? The fact that it was 100 degrees...and my toes...I need a serious pedicure...I used to make time to do it myself...but that time is no longer in existence...and if I do it before I go to bed, then I wake up stuck to my sheet...anyway..

I finally bought a garment rack and I have basically filled it up with clothes that will soon be available for anyone to's taking so long cuz I am finding it hard to part with things...I know..I know..I've said it before and will say it again...I am a HOARDER...and while my hoarding is consumed with clothes, shoes, and crafts...I would buy another house if I could and make it my closet...

but you know what else I noticed...when you have that much stuff you rarely wear it all...I literally have almost 100 pairs of shoes..but I find myself wearing the top 10 out of my closet..I think I will start a new challenge next day, new shoe? hmmm oh and when it's not 100 degrees I will also wear my hair down more haha



  1. This is wonderful! You look very polished. I love neutrals with a pop of neon. It was all over the runways last season and I know it will continue on being a huge hit in the future. It's as big as color blocking.

    Your gold bracelet is too pretty! I want it ;)

  2. Wow this entire outfit is perfect!! You are beautiful and have great style!!

    I know what you mean about not being able to let go of things, but just a few days ago as I cleaned out my summer wardrobe in preparation for fall, I donated a bunch of things I never picked up this summer, or even considered wearing. I was sad to part ways with my old stuff, but am happy to know someone else will be enjoying it! And now I have a big reason to get MORE! :-)

  3. Loving your natural outfit with the pop of color!

  4. i love this! and that dress is fabulous! perfect color, perfect pleats! :)

  5. That top is bright and I love it. I have never thought about wearing bright bold colors and neutrals the way you have. I need to try this.

  6. Love it!! Color Pop!!

  7. Love the outfit.. Given me a idea for putting together Neutrals with Bright Pops of color... I'm in the same boat as you.. I have TONS of shoes.. most I never get around to wearing.. So that challenge of New Day New Shoes.. I Gonna do THAT!! Starting October 1st.. for the entire month.. wear a different shoe :) that will challenge me to wear different outfits too... Love your style!

  8. very polished. love it!

  9. That color looks amazing on you! Great thrifted finds! :)

  10. i'm loving this new day new shoe idea. i have the same issue as you (first-world problem, right?) i have a ton of shoes and maybe wear 15 pairs!

  11. I'm one of your best friends....please give me that jacket. Please. COME ON.....

    Get UP & Go

  12. Love the outfit (especially that jacket!)

  13. I may have to steal the new day new shoes idea cause I do the same. Very wise thirfter/hoarder you are, lol. I'd do the same with a second house. In fact when we move I've asked my hubby to make our spare bedroom my vanity/closet. He said no, but I think I can change that. :)
    I adore your dress. It's very feminine and demure and really flattering on you.
    And, I just saw that I was your "comment of the week" like a month ago... I feel like a celebrity, lol. Or a too-cool gangster... a too-cool celebrity gangster! :D


  14. Ooooh. I love it all! That blazer is amazing and I love the syling of it all. Cute cute :)

  15. Great color combo and so sheik!

    P.S. I am addicted to thrifting too ;)

  16. wow the color of this blazer is stunning! Love it with the peach (?) dress! The pleats are so beautiful.


  17. You look great in blue! I love the button details on that jacket! Thanks for linking up!

  18. I adore the shade of that jacket, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  19. Neutral and neon?! NOT a pair I would've thought of but somehow it's super fantabulous! Maybe it's cuz you're a genius (most likely) or maybe it's cuz you are (or should be) a model so you could sell anything. It's probably a combo of the two.

  20. Seriously-----almost 100 pair of shoes!!! Girl, that is something else. I thought I loved clothes and shoes LOL :)


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