Wednesday, September 21, 2011

M Resort Las Vegas, Ladies Night at Hostile Grape

Jeans Thrfited Desert Industries


Top Thrifted Savers

Earrings F21

M Casino Hostile Grape


Top Thrifted Savers



Tara HA

Jess and Tara!

My Girls

haha Prom Pic!DSC00614

Me, Tara, and P.E.

P.E. and me


Outfit Details
Top: Thrfted Savers
Leather Vest: Express Thrifted Savers (50% off day!)
Jeans: Thrifted Desert Industries
Heels: Jessica Simpson Marshalls
Ring: H&M
Necklace: Thrifted Catholic Charities
Chain Bag: Thrifted Savers

Remember when my goddaughter was in town Here? Well her mommy is one of my best friends and we were all able to get together one night at the Hostile Grape. We are secretly in love with this place...the M Casino is a little ways outside of the city closer to you folks coming in from Cali, but boy is it beautiful...Saturday there is a DJ and Friday nights are the Rock'n Roll Wine Tastings so definitely check it out!

We had so much fun as you can see...I miss you Tara, and I miss all of us hanging out like this!! To next time.

Love you!


  1. I am sooo jelly! I've been wanting a leather vest for 2 weeks. Ok not long, but I'm still jealous.

  2. LOL@ Leslie C's comment! That sounds like something I would say ;)

    Shana, you just reminded me that I have a leather vest! It's vintage and it's pretty neato. Yes...I just said neato.

    Moving on...

    The bare shoulder look is very fierce, I hope you know. But having a good time with your equally lovely friends is even MORE fierce. You all look fabulous!


  3. LOVE all the color in these pics. WOW! You never cease to amaze me, make the world a happier place with all the fun & vibrance you bring to it through your fashion adventures!!! Thank you!!

  4. looks like so much fun! and i want a leather vest too. and your hair looks pretty badasss i will say. :) love it!

    sharde @ the style projects

  5. That leather vest rocks. What doesn't rock is that I missed all the fun with my best girlfriends.....sad face.



  6. OMG, I love your leather vest and how can I get my hands on one of them? LOL. You look fabulous and so did the rest of the girls. Nice to see you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing!

  7. looks like perfect nighjt!
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  8. You all look FABULOUS and it looks like a wonderful laugh until your cheeks hurt kind of night:)


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