Thursday, September 01, 2011

Goodwill Thrifting Haul...Vegas Style

So we thought we would try it again...except this time we are stuffing our faces :O) If you have not seen... enjoy...we found some awesome stuff at Goodwill!!

So excited to wear everything!



  1. From one Thriftaholic to another I truly enjoy your blog! New follower!

  2. Cheers…to an AWESOME thrifting haul……I’m so officially jealous because my Goodwill doesn't offer half off on the clothing tags. But you ladies scored some GREAT deals!!!! Woohoo..I loved Photographer Extraordinaire’s green military top and long printed skirt soooo perfect for fall.

    You found some fabulous items too…the floral blazer and the animal print jumpsuit….Love it!!! I personally love anything animal print…..And please ma’am……RUN not walk back into Goodwill and get that belt to match you plaid skirt!!!! That is a must have item and needs to be a complete set…..

    P.S ….I loved this quote-----Follow your thrifting rules….GO GO Gadget….that was hilarious!!!

  3. You two seriously were cracking me up - I loved the vlog. I've only started thrifting in the past year or so but blogs like this are totally inspiring.


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