The Gibson and Ben's Chili Bowl...First night in DC

Not sure why he isn't smiling...haha
Secret Door to the Gibson
The Gibson
Truffle Oil and Mixed Nuts equals HEAVEN
Mrs. Grecco and amazing Olives!
Thrfited Lace and Beautiful curls...Sarah is pretty..
Love her pearls!
Vintage Thrifted


Hubby's first time at Ben's Chili Bowl


Sarah and her hubby! they were great tour guides...





Me and Sarah

I am back from DC and I am a little sad...cuz I miss this gal's FACE....We took so many pictures so I thought I would share some with all of you. After a plane ride and a near death experience...ok I MIGHT be exaggerating a bit..I don't do well with turbulence...if you follow me on twitter you probably already know that by now...anyway...

We went to the Gibson in DC...swanky little bar that has a secret door, a required 30 day RSVP time, and a very unique drink list..I ordered the bullet proof or something...tasted like licorice with mint...we ate truffle nuts and olives and had a few laughs...we then went on to the famous Ben's chili bowl to order 1 beef chili dog and 2 turkey chili dogs..both husband's decided to give us crap for ordering turkey instead of beef..I get it...but was so good!

There are a many more pics to come so bare with me...Sarah and I both wore our vintage thrifted finds and were pretty excited about it!

looking at pictures makes me miss her face even I must get back to uploading so I can stop looking at her FACE...and stop saying FACE...k bye.


lasophia :

Awww so were you and Sarah friends from before or from bloglandia? I have been following her for a while. Loved her lacey dress. Tell her I said to get up and go on her blog! haha. No, but I do miss her posts.

shari :

I think Sarah was in my Hebrew 101 class that I taught when I worked at Hillel! She looks SO familiar and gorgeous (I think I remember a story about "permission (parmesan) cheese" - ask her if she recalls!!! You both look insanely amazing in your vintage finds! LOVE the first pic. I think it's cool that the hub isn't a look of intensity! That drink menu looks yummers!!!! I do so wish I could travel more. Love this blog and you are so inspiring! xoxoxoxo - Shari (Could I use any more exclamation points? I think not!)

Rissy :

wow! I live pretty close to DC and have never been to Ben's Chili bowl... not to mention, I went to college 7 MILES! from DC... how did I miss this?

sorry for being a bad bloggy reader!! miss ya


Tiffany :

Oh my goodness, Shana, that dress is simply gorgeous!! It looks like y'all had lots of fun!

Mad For Fashion :

Everyone look so fabulous and your dress is TDF and you look stunnig...What a great night.

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