Thursday, September 22, 2011

Down down baby

Heels Tahari Marshalls

Boyfriend Jeans Banana Republic Thrifted

Top Thrifted Catholic Charities

Belt Thrifted Savers

Covergirl Lipstick my new fav

Leaf earrings F21
Outfit Details:
Polka Dot Blouse: Thrifted St. Vincents Catholic Charities
 (Thrifters Anonymous Post coming soon!)
Boyfriend Jeans: Banana Republic Thrifted Savers
Belt: Thrifted Savers
Heels: Tahari Marshalls
Bag: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Gold Watch: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Gold Leaf Earrings: F21

I know Polka Dots are a trend, and it's nothing new..but I really love them...I found this over sized blouse at our last thrifting trip for $2 and wore it out over the weekend. I would have never thought I would be wearing an old fashioned, over sized blouse, out with the ladies...and I felt even more sexy than the tramps waddling around in their undersized black minis...isn't that craziness...I will tell you this...when you turn 30, you really do discover who you really are...and I have discovered what makes me feel sexy....lipstick, over sized shirts, and well, my husband of coarse...

These pictures were taken downtown over the weekend...we had such a great time...from men dressed like women, women dressed like well inappropriateness, and the best malnourished 80's cover band you have ever seen..I can't wait... pictures to come soon...

{EDIT: So I wanted to make mention that I am participating in Fall Fashion with Emery from Moms are for everyone. I will explain more, but basically Emery and her lovely readers are one of the inspirations for me taking pictures and really starting what I guess I am...a Fashion Blogger...she is a mommy, a Thrifter, a wifey, and a singer...she is a true inspiration and I just love reading her blog and meeting her readers! Thanks Emery! So excited that you are doing this again!
It doesn't start untill Satruday but I know I won't have time so click below to see the other fashionists for FALL !!



  1. I completely agree with you about being 30 and really knowing and discovering who you are! I love the polka dot shirt, its amazing and you look great!

  2. Cute Look..Love the polka dot blouse!

  3. hahaha tramps in mini dresses. So I said the snottiest thing to my boyfriend as I was comparing myself to my friend, I was like, "My style has evolved and hers hasn't." What i meant is that my style has changed, Im freaking 27 years old now, Im not going to be running to Forever 21 every pay check to buy ish thats gonna fall apart in my washing macheeene. Style is classic, vintage clothes have class. You are a classy lady, so rock them oversized blouses all over the planet. Hot hot hot!

  4. Fabulous! I love this color on you. That totally looks like something I would thrift and covet.

    Goodwill Huntingg

  5. This outfit is definitely sexy :) I think there is something to be said for standing out in the crowd a little. Also your confidence and demeanor (even in these photos) makes you look 'sexier'.

  6. I second that about being 30!!! Love that shirt. ;)

  7. What a stunning outfit- I love the blue top and the colour of your lipstick is gorgeous! I just came across your blog through Thursdays are for Thrifters and I just watched your Thrifters Anonymous video- amazing finds and I am verty impressed as a fellow thrifter!

  8. i love the polka dots and you look fabulous : )

    life spelled jen

  9. That shirt is awesome!!!! Also love the backdrop. Super interesting.

    Get Up & Go

  10. With age you understand the importance of inner beauty…love the polka dot shirt and the lipstick is too pretty!

  11. That blouse is so classic! Thanks for linking up!

  12. That blouse was an excellent find. I always skip the blouses. Maybe I need to start trying some on.

  13. That blouse is gorgeous. I love the color and the polka dots!

  14. ack! what a beauty you are!! i love this outfit and polka dots will always be a favorite of mine. You look classy and comfy and confident, which = sexy! :) thank you so much for the compliments... i am completely flattered and so glad i could help you find your inspiration!!

  15. I love the outfit! Great blog, I enjoy reading it. I'd say I never truly appreciated thrifting until I went to college, even though my mom has been all my life. I find the best things in thrift stores!

  16. Wow! Love the setup! You look great! and yeah... who knew that oversized could be sexier than undersized? I have the matching necklace to your earrings! :)

  17. I LOVE th polka dots!!! You look amazing

  18. Polka dots are always amazing. I am a polka dots girl through and through! Love the top.

  19. that's such a fun lip color, you wear it so confidently and well!

  20. Oh my goodness this outfit is too cute. That blouse is eye-catching in all the right ways!

  21. Love the blouse! I am a late bloomer. I am now 40:), but 40 is the new 30 right? I am carded and constantly told that I am being dishonest about my age when I DO disclose it! I was stuck in the jeans and tee rut, but now I am branching out into more pencil skirts, looking at lace tops and more feminine dresses! It's never too late, huh?


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