Friday, September 02, 2011

Coffee Break

Coffe Break

Coffe Break

Vintage Sweater Clip Boutique in Virginia

Cynthia Rowley Marshalls

Earrings F21

Heels Paris Hilton

Coach Bag Gifted

Skirt Thrifted Savers

Coffee Break

Skirt Vintage Thrifted Savers

Skirt Ann Taylor Thrifted Savers

Coffee Break

Blouse Ann Taylor Thrifted

Belt thrifted Savers
Shana's Outfit Details
Top: H&M
Belt: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Vintage Pleated Skirt: Thrifted Savers (Also worn as a dress HERE)
Heels: Cynthia Rowley Marshalls
Vintage Sweater Clip: Boutique in Virginia
Coach Bag: Gifted
Watch: Thrifted Savers

P.E.'s (Photographer Extraordinaire) Outfit Details
Blouse: Ann Taylor Thrifted Savers
Skirt: Ann Taylor Thrifted Savers
Belt: Thrifted Savers
Bag: Etienne Aigner Thrfited Savers
Heels: Paris Hilton Marshalls
Earrings: F21
I like coffee...I especially like coffee in the middle of the day with a good friend. There is something so amazing about the rush you get after sipping on an iced's like you can do anything and everything you ever imagined...I just wish I didn't have to spend $3 everytime I wanted that feeling! haha but does the trick...and I must say that our coffee breaks this week have saved me from falling asleep at the wheel...

One of my best friends and my goddaughter are coming to visit and I am sooo excited!!! So this will be a short post...cuz I gotta go and get the guest bedroom ready and the welcome basket filled...I love having guests...especially these ones in particular, Chez Kilbourn is booked for the weekend!
Have a wonderful Labor Day everyone...and don't forget to go to Savers on Monday or Sunday if for you Savers Club card's 50% off day and we will be there on Sunday at Sahara and Decatur for a Thrifters Anonymous meeting! Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE your broach and shoes! Coffee dates are so much fun!


  2. You girls are styling on your Starbucks run…..loving the printed skirts! Yep I agree coffee can get expensive at times I prefer to thrift instead for my energy fix…LOL. Have a great weekend with your friends and Happy Thrifting….looking forward to see what you find!

  3. Coffee dates with friends are the BEST you both look so cute :) Love BOTH of these skirts.
    P.S. My favorite coffee date drink is a Black & White. Which is a shot of dark chocolate and a shot of white chocolate in the drink = the greatest.

  4. Oh, I love the mix of teal and purple you've got going on! And P.E.'s looking pretty smokin' too!

  5. haha @ that article title. I also love me some iced coffee. Shame that sometimes I get it too late in the day. Then I gotta stay up all night looking at blogs. boo hoo. I wish I liked having guests! They estress me out but Im emo like that. Looking good as usual. Teach me your sweet ways.

  6. Girls you look fabolous!Love your vintage style!

  7. Loving the lady like style. The color mix is fantastic.

    I just went to Saver's today and missed out on the discount:( Oh, well next time, now that the lovely cashier filled me in on the card.


  8. love the shoes ladies!! very nice!!

  9. Your skit is amazing and that sweater clip? to die for! I really really love this of my favorites!!!


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