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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Las Vegas Salvation Army August 15, 2011

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It is no secret that I love blue...half of my closet is blue and if I could paint every room in our house blue I would...but the hubby wouldn't allow that so I opted for the craft room...ANYWAY...I also love a granny pant and this lady made one granny pant into a sexy "I ain't no granny" pair of pants!!!

I loved it so much that I set out on my own mission for some MAJOR granny pants...this refashion business used to be called "taking it in" it is amazing how cool it is to do this now...when we were little it was so dorky!!! and little for me was a LOOOONG time ago...

Thank you Haute Thrift for sharing with us your inspiration so we can all rock it like the granny's we are.....who said granny's weren't hot...
Go check out her blog here and look at what the pants looked like before!

Thank you guys rocked it last week...from the shoes, to the scarves...maybe you guys should click the liked button to tell me who you are loving each week? Then the decision will be much easier...k...let's do that...
 Some of you asked if you could link up late and you can! The link up is all week, so if you miss it you can still go back and link up!
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Charleston Store
4001 W. Charlston.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
The Salvation Army brings back so many memories...this was the thrift store we went to growing first pair of old school roller first barbie (with creepy real hair haha), my first velvet jacket and lace dress...I hadn't been in years and thought with some of my most recent inspirations that I would take a look.
Before we go I always bring the ripped pages from magazines or swatches that have inspired me over the past weeks.

Salvation Army
All white tags were 75% off!!!
Salvation Army
Green tags were 50% off!
Salvation Army Shoes

They had a huge selection of shoes, too bad the selection wasn't for HUGE feet...
Photographer Extraordinaire has been loving the draped look
Subtly Draped
She couldn't find a skirt, but found this draped blazer!
Trench Dress

I was loving this color...
Blue Blazer
I found this vintage blazer! The buttons are awesome and so are the lines...

I have been seeing these loafers everywhere...
and plaid...
Plaid pants Loafers
I stumbled upon these Colin Stuart' my size!! I am not one for too much leopard...but I thought I would give these a try...oh and I love these "oskie woskie" plaid pants!
Here are few of the finds that didn't make the cut...



Now it is your turn!
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  1. that you for hosting, I'm amazed at your thrfting talent. Always looking so chic and stylish with a thrifted wardrobe. Have a wonderful week!


  2. that thrift store looks like heaven! Thanks for hosting the thrift party. Can't wait to see what everyone found.

  3. Shana I love that you tear out magazine pictures to bring with you! I also love that you showed how what you found was inspired by the mags...mind if I steal the idea? You have the most amazing style.

  4. How cool! Thanks so much for even taking the time to look at my granny pants. Yeah sometimes a 'refashion' is simply taking something in; but other times, its a complete overhaul. G'luck on your granny-pant-hunt. lol

    Leslie of Haute Thrift

  5. I recently thrited some turquiose granny pants! Can't wait to wear them. Thanks for the link up!

  6. Lovely *

    Lady Fashion, OUI?
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *


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