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Dress F21 Thrifted

Braids...TOO MUCH

Top Vintage Thrifted

Top Vintage Thrifted, Dress F21, Belt Thrifted

Milk Maid

Yep...she made me get in
I will have you know that this was 100% Phootgrapher Extraordinaire's idea...and YES..I cleaned my hands 100 times over after this silly photoshoot...haha

Outfit Details
Wedges: Seychelles Thrifted Savers ( Sooo excited about this purchase! $6.99)
Dress: F21 Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Top: Vintage Thrifted
Earrings: F21
Watches: Thrifted
Hair: Mine :O) I am not sure if this Milk Maid works on me...the braids are little ridiculous haha
Soo if you follow me on oTwitter or my Facebook page you would know I totally got a part in a film recently!!!!! I apparently "nailed" my recent audition. Or at least I was told I nailed it...which is FINE BY love for dance, music, and just plain performing has gotten somewhat lost over the past 10's amazing how the things you love get overshadowed by the things you don't. Maybe it's a see if it truly is something you love...well..if it is a test...then I PASSED...cuz I have never had so much fun auditioning !
I mean I have done quite a few student short films, plays, one acts, and a few infomercials (yes..haha) and the opening act for the WORLD FAMOUS Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre haha yep..WORLD FAMOUS...BUT...I have not actually for reals auditioned in well...maybe 6 years?  
The casting agent called me and I was asked to come in to audition for a role...I didn't know much about the film other than David Schmoeller was directing it!  Schmoeller's first feature "Tourist Trap" (which he wrote and directed) is the favorite film of master storyteller of modern horror, Stephen King.You guys probably remember  "Puppetmaster" for Paramount Studios.
So you can imagine my I am a HORROR lover and Stephen King reader....Now I don't want to hype this more than it is...for me rather...the role isn't very big..and I am not sure how much funding is going in...but nevertheless..I have so much respect for this man and can not wait to work with him! I am not one to really tell everyone what I am doing in regards to this stuff but I was so excited I had to share....this is why I have been so all over the place! I love my job and I love my Husband, my family, and my I just gotta figure out how to sleep in between :O)
Have a great Saturday! Date night tonight..I was thinking Boulder City...I should show you guys some pics...such a great place to go! Who would have thunk it...Buh bye!



  1. That is so exciting! Congrats! Love this outfit. It totally reminds me Heidi, of course a really trendy hip version:)


  2. Isn't it illegal in some states to make a port-a-potty sexy? I'm pretty sure... :)

  3. Congratulations!!! Yeah, the port-a-potty was cracking me up-mad props to you, girl.
    I think I've already told you how much I love your hair and just so you know: the milkmaid braids look AMAZING on you!!! I've tried it myself and love it too :)
    I linked up (even though it isn't Monday anymore) hope that's ok!
    Thanks for you lovely comment!

  4. Congrats on winning the part! You look great and I love your shoes too.

  5. Love the hair, but I cannot believe you walked into that porta potty!!! You are way braver than I am! Love the outfit, and congrats on landing a part in the movie! Remember there are no small parts only small actors ;)

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  7. 1. I'm really digging the braid. I wish I could do that and look so cool!

    2. Congratulations on getting the part and getting back into something you love so much. Woohooo!

    3. I'm almost positive that I had that shirt in high school. I'm pretty sure that it had green shorts that went with it... and I looked like a frumpy old lady. I can't believe how adorable you made the shirt look. Love this outfit.

    4. I still feel guilty about asking if you do photoshoots with buckets of Purell. :)

    5. Only you could make a port-a-potty look like a sexy backdrop. I mean seriously? How do you do it?


    2.) The 'milk maid' braids look awesome!!!

    3.) Love the outfit. You have actually inspired my outfit for tomorrow so if you have time, stop by tomorrow or Wednesday and check it out...


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