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Dress Thrifted

Vintage Dress Thrifted


Belt Express Thrifted


Dooney Vintage Thrifted

Vintage Doonet Thrifted

Belt thrifted


Outfit Details
Heels: BCBG Thrifted
Very 90's Button Down Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Express Thrifted
Vintage Dooney Bag: Thrifted

It is no secret that I LOVE animals...and when I say love, I mean "can't live without, chewing on their ears, calling their names, cuddling ALL the time" love! I dad is about done with the animal grandchildren and has promised to revoke his duties as a grandfather if I bring one more animal home. Between Sophie and Sampson my labs and Sasha and Oscar my cats...I think we have become a small petting zoo...haha BUT if you are a guest at our house you can rent an animal...I promise they will bring you breakfast and cuddle whenever you want...haha

 Anyway, my point is...if I see ONE MORE commercial of a poor kitten with one eye and a shivering puppy that looks anorexic I'm gonna LOSE it!

With insomnia and exhaustion kicking in this last week,  I almost gave our life savings to Buster, an orphan Labrador with 3 legs, a small blind kitten who needs a home...I mean...the names..and the horrific stories are enough to make you cry for hours... which is what I found myself doing...I mean SOBBING know like when you have to catch your breath...ENOUGH's bad enough little children need our help..the animals are just icing on the you guys see these commercials?

OR is it just me?

PE Caught me

ok, maybe it's just me....
Please just disregard this post and focus on this awesome dress I found for $4.99..k bye..



  1. Are you referring to the Sarah McLaughlin music-tracked commercials? If so, the minute I hear the start of "In the Arms of an Angel" I change the channel. My heart can't take it.

  2. I was drooling over this dess when I saw it & would never have imagined it was a $4.99 deal. Great find!

  3. I was drooling over this dess when I saw it & would never have imagined it was a $4.99 deal. Great find!

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  5. Love that dress and the look all together! Great D&B Vintage find!!!


  6. I see these old 90's type dresses in thrift stores all the time but you look adorable in this!
    I love your purse too, it is epic.
    P.S. ever since we got a puppy I cannot watch those commercials without tearing up, and then my boyfriend is like 'What's wrong?' and I'm all 'SHUT UP THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EYE!'

  7. Yeah, those commercials make most people feel bad. I'm not going to lie, I don't cry about it lol. But they do make me feel sad about those poor mistreated kittens/doggies.

    That dress is pure fab! It has a beautiful hue and it looks brand new. I love the 90s look here with your modernized accessories. Great look...again! :)

  8. i feel the same way about those commercials, but I have to actually change the channel, I feel guilty but at the same time I know I would always have puffy eyes from crying!! too much! love the dress though and the price makes it that much better!!
    oh, and we were just in Las Vegas and ate at FireFly ... have you ever eaten there?? if not you should go, its awesome!!

  9. Saint Jude Children's Hospital brings me to tears every time it comes on!! I'm not much for animals, but I feel you on the wanting to help when you see someone/something suffering in those commercials! Heartbreaking! That dress is divine! So electric!

  10. It's the kid commercials that make me weepy...

    This dress seems different from your usual. (And I say that, I'm rolling my eyes at myself, because you don't really have a usual...) In any case, I'm totally loving it. You look incredible.

    Also, you have been in my heart and prayers for weeks now. {{{hugs}}}

  11. I absolutely can not deal with those commercials. Seriously, when one comes on, I instantly switch the channel because if I don't, I would be in tears for the next 3 hours. They just break my heart into a million little pieces.

    By the way, that dress is ridiculously fabulous. I may have to come to your closet and steal it.

  12. Your dress is fabulous!

    I cannot leave that commercial on the TV if my 5 year old, Otto, is in the room. He immediately runs and gets his piggy bank and wants me to give the puppy or kitten his pennies. He then will start crying and asking why a person would hurt the animals and if they are in jail. WOW, it is a lot to handle when I am tearing up to.


  13. You sure are a thrifting queen!

    I would like to invite you to participate and Win A VOGUE Tote being given away at my blog - Cute Confessions of a Sew Addict. Click HERE

  14. It's not just you...I espeically hate the terrible, sad, sappy music that plays in the background of them!
    Love your vintage Dooney, btw!

  15. that is an awesome find, and what a fantabulous color!! LOVE!! and yes, those commercials get to me, you know waz worse?? watching your children watch those pet commercials and see THEM Get sad , it's like double whammy!! anyway, i realized when i took outfit posts in the past that i didn't know what to do with my hands, why?? cuz i never had a clutch or purse in them!! i smell thrifting trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D


  16. One of my best friends says, "I dont trust anyone without an animal voice." Meaning, if your voice doesnt raise at least 2 octaves when you speak to an animal, you have no soul. Those commercials are sad but have you ever seen the SNL spoof of that commercial. It is soo funny. They show a cute dog and are like, "there is nothing wrong with this dog..except that it was raped by this dog!" and then they show a picture of another dog. Oh my it is sooo funny. Ill try and find it and tweet you the link.

    Oh yeah, love your dress Shana!

  17. Wow IDK how you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! mehn oh mehn you are a STARRRRR. LOVE THIS DRESS


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