Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late night love

Heels Jessica Simpson Marshalls

Coach Bag Gifted!

Top Thrifted Savers

Bracelets Thrifted H&M

Belt Thrifted Savers
Outfit Details
polka dot top: Thrifted Savers
grey men's belt: Thrifted Savers
grey pencil skirt: Kenar Marshalls
suede beige heels: Jessica Simpson Marshalls
bracelets: Thrifted/H&M

I'm really burning the candle at both ends......yep...I just said that...but it's true...I guess it's better than being bored...the only problem is busy equals never resting...which leads to insomnia...which then leads you to Internet surfing and inspiration havin late late I thought I would share what I do when I should be sleeping and can' you guys do this too? Anyone?

I could totally rock this around my neck , and this one I might try and make myself, and definitely this one
I have been searching all over the place for this perfect skirt
I am absolutely going to make this and rock it with some leather pants this fall
I have been dying to do this to a table
I LOVE this headboard, and have plans of making it for our master bedroom
I get to see this lady in a couple of weeks...I am beyond excited
If I was prego and decorating a nursery, this is what it would look like
I want to choose a wall on our house and plaster a photo this big
PE and I are super silly, but I can't wait to wear my newest finds from Goodwill!
I am trying to figure out how to convince my husband why I need these in my life
These lipsticks have become my new fav...the pigment never goes away...EVER... LOVE
A perfect way to embellish a shoe!
I need this bracelet in my collection
Sister desperate need of a sister night...


  1. I really love your blog! YOu are one of the few bloggers I know, who wears thrifted clothes THIS WELL, one of the only thrifty bloggers I know who can make them look as dressy/spendy as yours look! Everytime you post something new you just make me wanna go thrifting!! YAAY!

    love it.

  2. What an amazing take on the polka-dot trend! Love love love it.

    I also am obsessed with the Cover Girl lipsticks!


  3. That polka dot skirt it super cute!! Love it!


  4. Love this top! Keeping busy is great but don't burn yourself out. (I took a 'mental health day' to catch up on some sleep, and take it easy for a little while..

  5. You look so cute in those polka dots!

  6. you look great! what about the bag? Is it thrifted too?

  7. I think this is one of my spring/summer faves. I have never been a polka-dot fan, but this is my favorites:) How many times have I said this.


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