Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'll be watching you...

Laced Up

Heels Jessica Simpson Marshalls

Necklace hamsa Israel

Top Marshalls

Rings H&M,Flea Market

Belt Nine West Thrifted Savers

Hamsa Israel

Wrapped up in Lace
Outfit Details
Top: Bob Mackie Studio Marshalls
Belt: Nine West Thrifted Savers
Skirt: DKNY Thrifted Savers
Heels: Jessica Simpson Marshalls
Rings: H&M, Flea Market
Hamsa Necklace:  Israel

Do you ever wonder if someone is looking out for you? Recently I have been finding that I have to remind myself that someone is looking over me...I mean there has got to be a reason why I am always looking for my key in my purse and why I just can't keep anything..ANYTHING organized...even when I have a place for it...I mean..is it my sign? Are Aquarius women just creative and totally disorganized...UGHHH I mean..I am good at a lot of things...but what the heck...

Anyway, I am doing some major craft work..I mean MAJOR...furniture re-upholstering...painting...and I am super excited about some of the things I am doing for Sister's birthday...there will be a special post for her...so get ready sister...GET READY...

If you guys want to see some of my projects in the making you can check out my facebook page HERE..I will periodically update with before and afters...maybe I should blog it too...I dunno...we'll see...we did another video...haha I am still not sure what I want to call them..I was trying to think of a cool name like " Secret Shoppers" and then I realized that just sounds silly...and then I called it a "haul" and everyone calls it that...so I am just calling it "Thrifters Anonymous" for now...basically it's like a virtual meeting for Thrifters..i.e. me and photographer Extraordinaire showing you the awesome things we found...so stay tuned..and subscribe to the channel here if you want...right now there are only two videos and I am not exactly advertising it...so shhhhh join if you wanna...you will probably have more fun looking at ALL of the Thrifters Anonymous Members HERE...



  1. LOVE this outfit!!! you are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I really love the color combo in this outfit :)

  3. Great look, I love how well you have put this look together, these 2 bold colours look fab with eachother! :)


  4. This skirt is SO awesome! Love the color combo!

  5. you should definitely show your creativeness to us on here. :)

    Love your outfit.

  6. loving the combo lady!! the green skirt is so dreamy, nice pairing.

    xo Nav

  7. I love this outfit! it is so chic, and the skirt is just amazing! Those colors are seriously making me drool!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

  8. Okay! You are beyond amazingly beautiful! This outfit is terrific as well. The color combo is so cool.


  9. You, my dear, are beautiful in these colors! I absolutely love the burgandy and this shade of green together. It's so pretty!!

  10. I love the pairing of these 2 colors together. I would have NEVER thought to put them together, but I love the outcome. How cute is that lace skirt!


  11. Really really love your skirt and this unique color combination! I just did a post about color combinations and this is one inspirational look, lady!

  12. OMG ur skirt is seriously to die for! I am so jealous of your thrifting luck with this one!

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  13. Love this..this outfit is so unexpected! From the color combo to the lace skirt...absolutely LOVE it!!! Great Look!


  14. Shutup! That skirt is fabulous and I am jealous of finding green lace.

  15. Omg, I've loved this color combination for the longest time and you have pulled it off so well! I also love the mix of textures. Brilliant! Good luck with your projects!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  16. Like EVERYONE else said, that skirt is killer. I usually make myself feel better when I see amazing things like that aren't thrifted...but, of course, I can't this time. Jealous, jealous!

  17. I love the jewelry you added to this outfit! You look beautiful!

  18. Can I say that I am obsessed with that skirt?! chartreuse and burgundy are so stunning! once again, so adorable and I love reading your bloggy!



  19. Great outfit! The colors are not two I would have thought to put together for myself but I love it.

  20. I have an obsession with skirts...and I love this one. This whole outfit is fabulous!!! I wore a purple one last week that you would probably like, too :)


  21. Love your updo and lace Shana! Someone is definitely watching over you! :) xox!

  22. I feel you on the disorganized problem. I guess it really is an Aquarius thing hahaha. We can put outfits together like PB&J but we can't clean worth shi...

    But maybe that's just me! ;)

    I am CRAZY about that skirt! I have one that reminds me of it but instead of lace it's crochet and a little darker green. Yours is way cuter & more flattering :D


  23. Uhm, this color combination is the BIZNESS! Yes please! You can mail me that skirt, lol.


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