I need a vacation

Top Thrifted

Belt Express Thrifted

Skirt Thrifted


Purse Dooney Thrifted
Outfit Details
Wedges: Nine West Thrifted Savers
Skirt: Thrifted Savers
Purse: Dooney Thrifted Savers
Top: Thrifted Savers
Belt: Express Thrifted Savers
I wanna go to the Bahamas...Is anyone else getting sick of all the deals goin on to go on vacation? Unless you are the one using the deals...I am ready for one for sure...my husband has a tendency of planning these ridiculously amazing vacations...where we learn the history of EVERYTHING, walk miles, eat EVERYTHING in sight, and take every form of transportation there is...I mean..I love that kind of vacation..but I think I am ready for the kind where you LAY on everything in sight, Drink everything in sight, and do NOTHING.

I could also use a do housework, organize, and finish crafts kind of vacation too...in the meantime we will continue going to Boulder City and every once in a while I will lay on my couch and watch the travel channel...ehhh it's better than a paper cut...

...and thank you guys for your sweet comments about my dad and sister...and photographer extraordinaire on THIS post!

Stay tuned for an update on photographer extraordianire's journey through "A Second Look Project", for past posts check them out HERE.

Oh and it's not too late to link up to Thrifters Anonymous HERE...

I am loving everyones mixing of patterns by the way...
Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing


Rainbow Bekah :

Good grief woman, you amaze me with your style! I would have never thought to put stripes and floral prints together. Hot hot hot!

Mommyblogger :

I actually heard the fashion gods singing when I looked at this outfit. This is by far the most amazing pattern mix I've seen to date. You look amazing!!!!

I agree on the vacation....Surf, Sand and Cold Drinks sound sooooo good to me right now :)

Jessi :

Yes! I need to start mixing patterns more often! Beautiful :)

Inez of Style Chic 360 :

Great job on the challenge.
I need a vacay myself! I'm ty-red! lol

Stacey Kay :

This outfit looks great!

Stacey Kay
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lasophia :

I wish someone would plan me a vacay! I always have to be the brains of the operation so we end up thrifting hahaha. You looky muy cute.

elle :

Such a cute outfit! Also, i really like the makeup look...what color lipstick is that?

look forward to your future posts!


Julie :

You look fantastic! I love the pattern mixing. This is one terrific outfit.


Meagan :

Shana, I am crazy about that skirt! You look fabulous, as always!

Katy Rose :

Love the necklace you have on here. Is it part of the shirt or a separate piece? Also the skirt is so fun and colorful - adorable! - Katy

Shana :

Thank you guys!!!
@Katy the necklace is attached to the shirt!!!
@elle the lipstick I am wearing is Revlon and I believe it is Prim Rose I am loving it right now!

MissRockwell :

You look more than amazing....as usual! I haven't quite gotten this pattern mixing down packed yet but it looks as if you have it down to a science.

And whenever you go on vacation, let me know so that I can meet you at the airport. You can fold me up and stuff me into your carry on!


Shana :

@Miss Rockwell haha you are too funny...I wish you didn't live so far from where I am going in Virginia!!! but maybe we can try the suitcase thing.....haha

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