Wednesday, August 03, 2011

DONE. 30X20 Challenge....

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Day 6Jacket NY&Co Thrifted SaversShana in the CityWedges Michael Kors MarshallsJacket Thrifted SaversBelt Thrifted Savers
It's a Man's WorldBlue MoonDay 14Day 15Belt Thrifted SaversDay 17
picnikfile_qpJxQfI blocked it..FINALLY

YAY! I did it...haha ok I didn't do it...I kinda did it...As you can see I screwed up my days having 2 day 2's...I lasted to day 20 technically...and I never even posted my picks...This past month has been crazy for me..and all I know is this challenge...this 30x30 challenge...i.e. 30x20 really just helped me stay focused, get creative, and put together some of my best outfits yet!

 I learned to appreciate my lace shorts, my MK wedges, my YSL men's pants I KNEW would come handy...the vintage blue skirt..the tie front top and my wide leg jeans...I re-fell in love with these items and had fun in the process...the best part about this is that we can really make up our own teaches you to look outside of what you have and how you can pair items together that you would have never thought of....Anyway...I had to stop...I'm kinda over it..and well..I am a business women and I just couldn't pull it off anymore...waaaay to many appointments and not enough time!

So there you have it...Thank you Kendi for another great challenge.




  1. Congrats! I'm still trying to get through my's def a lot harder then I thought it would be!

    Though as long as you learned something from it, I think it was worth it :)


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