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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! GOODWILL OC EDITION Take 2

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the Week goes to
These dresses immediately caught my eye....I love the colors and the stripes are gorgeous....First of all, her sister is from Vegas....ummm I am seeing a Thrfiters Anonymous Member...Meeting...Secondly, they are sisters and I love that they can wear the same clothes!!! My sister is a size 0 so...sharing clothes doesn't happen ladies are so cute and you know how much I love 80's dresses...these melt my heart...and crack me up...seriously...if you guys haven't read her blog then just go to her thrifty post...haha I TOO have a pet peeves with engagement photos in play grounds..and piggy backing with a relative...well...I am not sure if that is ok either...haha LOVE you Heidi! Thank you for linking up you and your sister!

Keep linking up your thrifted finds and if you missed PART 1 of the OC Edition link up you can check it out here guys are incredible...there were 24 link ups and 5 new members!!!Don't forget to add your link to the left hand side HERE so we know who all of the members are!
 Thrifters Anonymous Link Up July 11, 2011


Here is the second part of our Thrifters Anonymous meeting in the OC! We found a Goodwill and it brought us some great dresses...we felt like they were a little pricey...but totally worth it. All dresses were $8.99! This meeting was small but we did some major damage. Dawnya from Everything Nonsense and Photographer Extraordinaire and I tried on a bunch of clothes and I wanted to share some of my tips and secrests to a sucessful Meeting haha! I will show you some of my secrets when choosing the items but here is what happens once you get to the dressing rooms!

{On a side note...I was named the Trendsetter of the Month for ModeRepublic and I am freaking out...I love this online can share your looks and fashionistas across the world post their looks and vote for their favorite! You can check it our HERE...I have a feature coming up soon in the magazine too I will keep you cool..and to think I am wearing thrifted clothes! haha}

ok on to a TON of pictures...
{15 TIPS for Thrifters Anonymous Members}
TIP 1: Look at your cart, laugh, take a picture, and go grab another cart for your yesses. Stay close to the put away rack if you can.
TIP 2: DON'T go in the dressing's way too hot, and no tas much fun. Keep your clothes on like Dawnya here and start trying everything on!
{This dress is a vintage piece she picked up...sooo cute!}
{P.E. Found this vintage her perfectly!}
TIP 3: Always go in with "I am not going to buy _______"..i.e. winter stuff.
TIP 4: BREAK your rule if you find something as fabulous as this Coral jacket

{I broke my rule here too...this was my FAVORITE find of the day...and it is a true vintage piece...LOVE}
TIP 5: Always come in with an agenda i.e. Wide Leg Jeans.
{Dawnya snagged these designer wide leg jeans...even after she swore to me that she would never be able to find them....this is what happens when you talk trash to me during meetings...haha}
TIP 6: Give up all of your rules, i.e. I can't wear vintage I am too big
{As you can see P.E. found this vintage piece she would have never picked out 6 months ago!}
TIP 7: Always look in the shoe section...and ALWAYS BELIEVE you will find the exact item you were looking for...ALWAYS look through all sizes..cuz ya neva....know....
{Dawnya had been eying Kendi's red shoes for months now...and VOILA! $4 later....}
TIP 8: Don't let your friends or strangers change your mind from trying something that calls your name...I sure didn't...and I LOVE this dress....friends and strangers will change their mind after they see how fabulous you look..I promise...
TIP 9: Sizes are irrelevant in a thrift store...if you are a large, and it says it is a medium...TRY IT ON....P.E. has a tendency to do this a lot...ummm this MEDIUM fits P.E. pretty!!!
{80's Onesies/jumpers are a must...people don't understand them...and that is what makes them amazing...}
I LOVED this polka dot vintage dress!
{SIZE 11 exists in thrift stores...and brand new snake skin size 11's existed at Goodwill...can we say sexy!}
{These flower shorts are adorable...and now I feel as though I need a pair, great find Dawnya!}
{Oskie Woskie in Blue}
TIP 10: Find some couches and begin the evaluation!
TIP 11: Hold them up to see if there are any stains or holes
TIP 12: Remind yourself why you fell in LOVE with the piece and confess your reasons as to why you MUST get it to your other Thrifters Anonymous Members.
TIP 13: Bust out the calculator and begin calculating how much this crap is gonna cost...and make sure you add in any discounts...Goodwill bamboozled us ...NO DISCOUNTS...
ALWAYS have a budget in mind $30 is a reasonable budget that will help you really stay on point.
TIP 14: Make sure you are 100% sure you want to let something go...does it break one of your rules for the day? Will you wear it right away? Is it over your budget and you want other items more?
{P.E. was not happy about this decision }
DSC07931DSC07932's a Knotts Berry Farm uniform haha
haha she was having some fun
ok...maybe a little too much fun!
I was sad SHE let this one go...
and I was sad I let this one go....
This almost passed the test until we got to evaluation and found some major damage to the seams....NOT WORTH IT if it is not a vintage piece....
yeah....this wouldn't close...I still got 15 more pounds to lose....ughhh

TIP 15: Make sure to go home or grab a bite to eat and look at your finds, show your finds to your friends, and Re-live the whole experience!



Now it is your turn!
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I am linking up my tips here!
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  1. i looove thrifting! it just gets me all giddy inside whenever i enter a thrift shop! i especially love scoring hot vintage designer items at a fraction of the price!!! aside from thrifting, i actually have 1 nore rule in i regularly sell my old items on ebay, i make sure i can only shop (on sale) or thrift when i do sell my stuff...ZERO sales mean ZERO's just my way of saving more money...and usually i only try to shop a percentage of what i earned that week so that i still get to keep some of the earnings and make sure not to splurge them all in new finds ;) i hope i can one day join your adventures, but for now, i'll join you in spirit :D


  2. Those are some amazing finds! I never have that much luck with dresses in thrift stores!
    I only have one real rule for thrifting, I have to wear the item at least as many dollar as I pay for it. This can get me in trouble with 1$ items like belts and scarves. But for larger items it's a really good measure for me.

  3. omg....the adult onesies CRACK THIS MAMA UP! I have a little one in onesies :)

  4. thanks for the shout out!!! next time i am in vegas we will have to have a thrifting meet up!

  5. OMG! Love Monday now due to the TA linky. Love seeing what amazing finds people purchase.

    Get Up & Go

  6. The Goodwill IS a bank breaker! But I like their 50% off on holidays. When is the next holiday? hmmmm.

  7. I cannot wait to come to a Thrifters Anonymous Meeting with you. Ya'll always score some fab outfits!!


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