Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Shana in the city...

Shana in the City

Top thrifted Savers

Watches Thrifted Savers Dooney Savers

Heels BCBG Thrifted Savers

skirt Vintage Thrifted Savers

Watches Thrifted Savers


Outfit Details
Heels: BCBG Thrfited Savers
Skirt: Vintage Thrifted Salvation Army
Belt: Aldo
Top: Thrifted Savers
Bag: Dooney & Bourke Vintage Thrifted Savers
Watches: Thrifted Savers

YES, I am wearing this outfit
YES, my toe nail polish is only on my big toes
(I thought I would try to make this a trend, mainly cuz I am lazy and soooo sick of painting my nails!)
YES, My legs look like a 7 year old boy scratches and all
YES, my face is super greasy and I am not glowing cuz I am preggo..funny VERY funny
YES, I am posing in different locations in IKEA, in a shower...while cleaning my arm pit
YES, I can not WAIT to show you the NONSENSE we were up to while on hiatus in the OC

They called me "Shana in the city" as in "Sex in the City" I THOUGHT we were going to IKEA to hang out, show photographer extraordinaire for the first time the amazing place that is IKEA..and instead I walked down stairs to both of them looking like fashionista' I quickly tried to put the most ridiculous outfit from my 30 pieces together...and VOILA! haha

I can not believe I bared my midriff...especially since well, you know what time it was...and I had just housed a spicy chicken burrito from Del Taco the night before...whatever...that's what I love about blogging..haha it's like an excuse to dress mildly if someone looks at you funny you can go "umm I AM A BLOGGER, I mean really"...haha anyway..I am glad to be home and and glad to be dressin like a NONSENSE...haha



  1. Okay...

    First: I absolutely love this ensemble! The patterns, colors and accessories are perfect!

    Second: the fact that you showed your tummy makes you daring and you look FABULOUS!

    Third- I desperately need your help. I want to become a thrifter (and my pocketbook needs me to) but I have no style and I also have no idea where to start. After having the baby I dont even know what size I am anymore. Lol. HELP!

    And finally, Fourth: miss you girl. :) I love reading your blogs so I can keep up with what's going on in the wonderful world of Shana.

    <3 Jen

  2. Girl yo body be looking so fierce. You are...Shana Fierce. Your next album title. I had no idea this was even Ikea till things started getting really freaky in the shower haha. I was like what a pretty blue wall.


  3. shana in the city haha love it. and love that polka dot skirt! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. Love the outfit Shana!!! Looking good!!! :)

    ♡ from ©

  5. Love it! You always look great:)

  6. Duh Bloggers can get away with this stuff! These photos made me giggle esp the one of you in the shower lol Last weekend was actually my first visit to Ikea! I fell in love :D C.C.
    ReFashion Statement

  7. Girl, with a tiny little waist like that, you should be baring your midriff! ;) Can we say... Hottie!!

    On a more serious note, I actually love the stripes and polka dots together. It's super super cute!!

  8. LOVE the outfit! So fun and the polka dots are fabulous! xoxox

  9. LOVE the outfit! So fun and the polka dots are fabulous! xoxox

  10. Can I steal your shoes? Pretty please! Haha <3

  11. love the top!!! stripes are so classic

  12. You crack me up.....Love your outfit and your tummy looks incredible. Love you Shana!

    Get Up & Go

  13. i want to hold up a badge that says im a blogger with a big DUH oh it. i think its a good excuse to just about to anything! :)

    the style projects


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