Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Second Look Project: 1 Month later...I wish..

Month 2 Cardigan NY&Co Thrifted Savers

Month 2: Highwaisted Skirt

Month 2 Belt: Thrifted Savers

Month 2 Boots Fergie Gifted
I told her to act like a Model...haha
Month 2 Skirt Thrifted Savers
Outfit Details
Skirt: Victoria Secret- Size 14- Thrifted Savers
Cardigan: NY&Co- Size L- Thrifted Savers
Belt: Thrifted Savers (Her VERY FIRST BELT)
Lace Cami: Thrifted Savers (TUCKED IN)
Necklace: Thrfited Savers
Boots: Fergie (Gifted by moi)

This weeks question was all about wishes...wishing to wear belts, wishing to wear heels, wishing to wear tight clothing.

Photographer Extraordinaire lost 8 pounds in one month and is going strong. We made our first trip to SAVERS where there many dirty looks, rolling of eyes, and "you don't know me SUCKA" comments....I let it go being it was her first time. I pretty much forced her to try on this whole outfit, while she was mumbling, (I don't wear any of this crap, I only wear this for interviews...this is going to make me look gross...belts don't FIT!) As you can see...NONE of that had any truth to it...This was one of her very first photoshoots of JUST her...she was nervous and did amazing...


What were some of the rules you set on yourself prior to the project?

Photographer Extraordinaire:
I told myself forever that I was not the size to wear anything in the magazines- so I would not think about buying fashionable items until I lost weight.  I refused to become one of the people talked about on the streets (Can you believe she is wearing that? What was she thinking when she left the house?) Although I saw large women who looked fly, I thought they were a rare breed and it could not be me.

STAY TUNED: Next week we will share P.E. (Photographer Extraordinaires) workout faves and what some of the foods I introduced her too!

If you missed last weeks Post you can check it out HERE

If you have any questions for me or P.E. please leave a comment below or email me at!  Don't hesitate to ask and we will make sure to answer!!

P.S. 1 Month was taken in January 2011, Photographer Extraordinaire has lost 25 pounds up to this point from her first post HERE.


  1. She looks totally fantastic! I can't believe you had to force her into this outfit. Those boots are awesome BTW. Congrats on losing the weight also.

  2. How amazing! I can't believe we all place so many rules on outselves. I'm so guilty of that. Edwina looks great! Glad she had a fashion breakthrough.

  3. PE looks fabulous!! The belted colorful cardi and slim skirt are perfect on her! Yay for taking risks and finding out you're amazing!! =)


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