I'm lucky I'm not the bachelorette...

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Well, after succumbing to yet another episode filled with awkward hand holding, repeating of answers with nothing to say, and kisses that are what the hubby and I call "butt kisses" (you know what I mean...when your lips are scrumpled together) anyway... THE BACHELORETTE sucked me in again...it was awful...but I feel like maybe this is a way to go...I mean...I am lucky I found a  "soul mate" man I love...I used to say soul mate until I FINALLY realized that SOUL MATE is a bunch of CRAP...I only realized this after my mom passed away and then thought to myself...WHAT THE HECK...what if your SOUL MATE leaves...then what...are we only supposed to be with ONE person!

When I met my LOVE I thought I had found a soul mate...until I realized I found someone who I wanted to live life with, laugh with, make mistakes with, and wake up everyday saying "I choose you"...

I guess all this talk of soul mate came from the Bachelorette...you choose your style, your favorite ice cream, and I think you choose your MATE....so maybe we are all like the Bachelorette...minus the fantastic dates in Taiwan and giving your mate roses every night...hmmm maybe I should..."Husband...would you take this rose?"

Needless to say this past weekend was an adventure! Cee Lo on Friday, A Suite at the Cosmo on Saturday night, Cosmo pool and a little ping pong on Sunday...I think I chose right...


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