Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm lucky I'm not the bachelorette...

Blue Moon

Top thrifted Savers


Earrings Vintage thrifted Savers

Heels QMode $14.99

Skirt Vintage Thrfited Savers

Outfit Details
Heels: QMode
Skirt: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Top: Thrifted Savers
Earrings: Thrifted Savers

Well, after succumbing to yet another episode filled with awkward hand holding, repeating of answers with nothing to say, and kisses that are what the hubby and I call "butt kisses" (you know what I mean...when your lips are scrumpled together) anyway... THE BACHELORETTE sucked me in was awful...but I feel like maybe this is a way to go...I mean...I am lucky I found a  "soul mate" man I love...I used to say soul mate until I FINALLY realized that SOUL MATE is a bunch of CRAP...I only realized this after my mom passed away and then thought to myself...WHAT THE HECK...what if your SOUL MATE leaves...then what...are we only supposed to be with ONE person!

When I met my LOVE I thought I had found a soul mate...until I realized I found someone who I wanted to live life with, laugh with, make mistakes with, and wake up everyday saying "I choose you"...

I guess all this talk of soul mate came from the choose your style, your favorite ice cream, and I think you choose your maybe we are all like the Bachelorette...minus the fantastic dates in Taiwan and giving your mate roses every night...hmmm maybe I should..."Husband...would you take this rose?"

Needless to say this past weekend was an adventure! Cee Lo on Friday, A Suite at the Cosmo on Saturday night, Cosmo pool and a little ping pong on Sunday...I think I chose right...



  1. jealous that you're seeing Cee Lo! Love the guy! Have fun!

    I don't believe in soulmates either! At the end of the day, love is all about choices. You fall in love with someone you choose to spend time with, then eventually choose to make it work for the rest of your lives. You'll know you made the right choice when after a huge fight you still can't imagine being with somebody else. Even if you hate his guts, you know that when your emotions are at bay, you'd still choose to choose him! =)


  2. Love the look, love the blog ;)

  3. LOL @ the butt kisses. That's why I don't watch Reality TV shows anymore. All you see are butt kisses and butt hugs. And in the Kardashians' case...all you see are butts. Big ol' fake ones. got a little side tracked there. I meant to just say that you look fabulous, as usual. I'm really liking this outfit. It's like a doable pin up. A pin up outfit that doesn't look cartoony or like a get up. Well done!

    PS. I totally agree with you on the soul mate thing! I'm glad you found what sounds like a wonderful mate :)


  4. I love the brightness of the skirt combined with the crazy colored stripes, very cute! A great summer outfit=)

  5. Lol Shana you are so funny! I love your soul mate story.
    Your outfit is super cute. I've been wanting a high waisted blue skirt for some time now! Hopefully i can get my hands on one soon!

    -Cherrie <3

  6. Love the outfit. That skirt is a fantastic color.

    I agree with you on the whole soul mate concept. I believe that it is better to realize that you are choosing your partner in life instead of just happening to fall into a relationship.


  7. Where do I find a Thrifted Savers??? OMG you find the BEST THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! loving this outfit. you are fabulous!!

  8. I do still believe in 'soul mates' but I don't think that they are limited to one person. Like really good friends, I think that more than one 'ideal mate' can be found. I guess I am a romantic that way.

    Love the stripes with the blue skirt.

  9. Love the colors together!!! Looking good!!!

    ♡ from ©

  10. OMG! So awkward! Ashley is odd. Ames is cute but for his missing chromosome. Haha.

    Love your outfit and you baring your midriff. You are so bold and sexy!

    Get Up & Go

  11. I love that colorful skirt!

    I don't want bachelorette. sorry i can't chime in!

  12. Saw you on EBEW and love love love your outfit! The colors and way you styled it is just perfect!

  13. Love your outfit and LOVE your thoughts on choosing your man.


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