Friday, June 24, 2011

Your comment was so funny I almost pee'd my pants...Loren

So in case you missed last Friday's Comment of the Week check it out here! In honor of all of the amazing new friends I have met, I have decided to feature one of you who made me smile or laugh throughout the week. I really can't thank everyone enough for their support especially when I get all sappy or need to release some ANGER! I love all of you!
So this weeks comment of the week goes to...

BloggerLoren said...
I love the way you can make DUMPSTERS look chic. This skirt was a total steal! I stopped going into Banana Republic a while ago because I feel all self conscious because it's not my 'scene'. But if you can get these kinds of deals I'll have to stop in next time I am shopping!
June 20, 2011 8:35 PM
Funny Comments!

First of all...Loren, thank you for making me smile...I was mainly laughing at the fact that I have been talking about trash and germs all week. Untill I got all of the comments I never really thought twice about putting my hands on a trash can..I am faaar from a germaphobe (spelling?)...though now I am obsessed with not touching ANYTHING...haha but I take it as a compliment...looking chic next to trash may not be that hard...but I just may have a gig in selling trash...dumpsters that is...I could probably do storage units if anyone is looking to hire...haha anyway...I also get the whole Banana Republic thing...but that is what the Second Look Project as really taught me...I have stopped categorizing myself, stores, styles...and checking to see if there is something there for me...and I did!!! Thanks Loren for all of your sweet comments as always I appreciate all of you guys...I was blushing this week..I can't wait to catch up on my blogger reading and see what you guys are up to!

Have a wonderful Friday!



  1. Glad I could give you a lawl. Sometimes I'm afraid the things that I think are funny others will just read as obnoxious. :)

    P.S. I am also basically the opposite of a germaphobe. But my boyfriend was raised by a nurse so he is always like 'Umm aren't you going to wash your hands?' and I'm like 'Ugh, I just did that YESTERDAY!' So he is in charge of doing the dishes, because I feel as long as there is no visible food plate = clean.
    (He does not agree.)


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