I Am Semi- In Love With My Closet...

Lace Cardigan Vintage Thrifted Savers

Heels Steve Madden

Neckalce Thrifted Savers

30x30 Day 1

EBEW: I semi-Love Lace Preview

Lacce Dress Thrifted Savers

Steve Madden

Semi & Lace

Day 1 30x30

30x30 Day 1 Semi-In Love

Earrings c/o Foggy Morning

30X30 Day 1

30x30 Day 1 Semi-in love
Outfit Details
Shoes: Steve Madden (over a year ago)
Cardigan: Vintage Thrifted Savers
Necklace: Thrifted Savers
Earrings: C/O Foggy Morning Jewelry Designs (Enter to Win them here!)

I first want to apologize for the abundance of photos...but I need to send a shout out to photographer extraordinaire...I mean really..I know that some of the shots are really more about the pics rather than the fashion but sometimes I think that it is about photography as well...so thank you for these amazing photos!!! We did a photo shoot with this genius on Sunday..and when I say genius I mean AMAZING...I can not wait to see how they look, we were pretty excited. I bring this up cuz this semi truck was in front of the studio and we were sooo excited, well actually photographer extraordinaire was really inspired, I was kinda laughing and couldn't wait to see what she wwas going to have me do. It was pretty funny half way through the shot when I heard the door lock..haha ...haha  umm I think we woke up the driver ...you can check out more of the pics, and just plain funny pics on my facebook page!
Anyway most of you are aware that Kendi is starting the 30x30 challenge, and if you have been following me I started here, and ended it here  . I had been really searching within for a couple of months and when I fell upon blogging..and Kendi early this year, I thought that if I could do this, then I could really appreciate myself, my clothes, and find my personal style. I must say that I certainly did...I have been on a journey and while I am not feeling like I am done, here is a glimpse into the beginning here. So, I am doing the 30x30 again and I am pretty excited...mainly because it is summer and well, quite frankly I am WAAAY better at summer dressing than winter dressing... I'm from Vegas remember.

I have included some interesting pieces that I really have been waiting to wear forever. Oh and umm I will post my 30 picks tomorrow I promise..I have been so behind with everything. One of my favorite picks are these amazing Steve Madden heels. I got them about a year ago when the hubby needed new shoes, by the way he's got like 3 pairs TOTAL and his Steve Maddens had a hole so it was time for a new pair.. haha yeah I know. Anyway, I was eying these while he was trying his on..except they were $89 so I placed them back on the rack and waited. When we got to the counter the guy told us I could get a pair for $10...UMMM WHAT! so naturally I grabbed the tallest, most interesting, and here they are...FINALLY I am wearing them..and they are so comfortable.

By the way, you have 4 days left to enter the giveaway to win the earrings I am wearing!
Oh and I am linking up to EBEW today...I got lucky with the lace...seriously...totally almost forgot!

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