Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to the Dollhouse...

hWelcome to the Dollhouse

Dollhouse Thrifted

Welcome to the Dollhouse

H&M Striped Top

Thrfited Blouse

Necklace Thrifted

Playing with props
More Props

Outfit Details
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Marshalls
Jeans: Dollhouse Thrifted Savers ($4!!)
Top: H&M
Blouse: Thrifted Savers $2.50!
Necklace : Thrifted

Hi ya! haha I had a lot of fun with this one..the outfit and the location! I had a few people give me a double take..I am pretty sure it was the bright green pants...or maybe the stripes and flowers...either way I wore it to work..and I wore it proud! haha Not in a million years would you have thought I would be rockin GREEN skinny jeans..haha and Dollhouse? I'm not a teenager..and since when did they make jeans? Where the heck have I been! Love them so much by the way..I might have to go to their website. I have seen their shoes.. we shall see!

Can I just say how excited I was to see everyone's Thrifters Anonymous Posts yesterday? I mean I was so will be difficult to choose my favorite...I hope everyone got to see them, if not check them out! You can also link up all week! Thank you again for all of your made this Thrifter/crafter/shopper/addict very proud....haha I have also encouraged everyone to show me their finds on my facebook page if you don't have a blog!

Ummm before I go...did anyone catch Alexis Couture? haha if you did you know what I mean...haha I can't stop laughing...that's all I got...I'm out...

***Oh and don't forget about the 
1st EVER 
It will happen this Sunday May 29th..I believe 5-7 pm is the time, we are meeting in front of Savers on Sahara & Decatur. I will create a page on the side bar with more info, or you can email me at In order to attend you must sign up online for FREE for a Super Savers Club Card...DO it...cuz well, I think that when we are 60 we will have something better to do other than bingo...and we will look stylish..don't be shy..we are part of the same judgement here... :O) ***

K bye



  1. super blog.
    Can we follow each other?

  2. Great photo shoot! I Love your outfit, those green trousers are amazing. I need a pair!

  3. Hi dear! Looove your pants! Your blog is amazing!
    Following! Follow bak? <3

  4. Great pants, who cares who makes them!

    Your meetup sounds like so much fun, I wish I could come


  5. I adore the whole outfit. Great colour and pattern mix and those pants are so cute! happy Tuesday, my dear

  6. Looks like you are having so much taking these pictures!!! I have the similar color pants and I cannot get enough of them :)

    ♡ from ©

  7. Hi, hi! I've been away for awhile, but now I'm back. Which
    Means I'm back to stalkingyour blog! Love all the new outfits. Love the new hair. And colored denim is all the rage these days. Go you! Beautiful as usual.

  8. ur one chica after my own heart, thrifting rules! great colors here.

  9. This outfit is too cute! I love the floral top! Those last few pictures crack me up! ;)

  10. Mixing florals and stripes...eeek! Scary! But you did it with style and grace. I would look like a complete and utter fool!

    Girl, I wish I could make it to this meeting. I think we would have so much fun together.. *tears*

    Oh yeah, WHEN did Dollhouse start making clothing? I never knew that! I have some killer shoes from them though, but clothes...not so much! I just thrifted some green (Wet Seal) skinnies a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait to show them to you!

    Have a great time this weekeend and don't forget to take lots of picks for us!



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