Sunday, May 01, 2011

The walls are closing in...








Nautical 2

Outfit Details
Shoes: BCBG Girls Thrifted (I paid like $3 at Savers!)
Jeans: F21 Thrifted
Top: Casual Corner Thrifted (remember that store!) It has ropes!!
Neckalce: Thrifted (umm it has a tassle!)
Belt: Thrifted

***More pics on my facebook!***

Just as I suspected! BANGS are not all they are CUT out to be..haha sorry, I'm really not that cheesy, I just realized what I was saying there...get it...CUT OUT...haha reminds me of Joey from Full House...ok anyway, what I mean is...I have a learned some fundamental lessons about bangs. #1 They do not stay where you want them to stay almost 80% of the time #2 They are not "wind" friendly, and well it has been windy for a Week! and #3 If you don't style them right after you wash them you end up looking like a crazy I appreciate all of you who have been rocking the bang look for sometime.

I also wanted to thank all of you who left a comment HERE and introduced yourself! I seriously loved reading about everyone, I know I am like 5 years late to this whole blogging thing, but how amazing is it that you can talk to amazing people all over the world...I just can't get if you haven't visit THIS  post, and Introduce yourself or just meet everyone else!

I can't believe it is already May 1st...hope you had a wonderful weekend, I found some wonderful Mother's Day presents, had a great workout once again, and went to see the worst movie ever (husband chose it haha) I won't even tell you what it was cuz it was so bad I don't even want you to think about seeing it!

This outfit was somewhat of a remix from THIS outfit. I just fell in love with this shirt, I mean it has ropes on it! These shoes were also a find...I know pointy shoes aren't exactly on trend as of now, but for some reason they will always have a place in my maybe I can slowly bring them back? I mean I know they are no wedge, but still sexy I think..

2 Days left to Enter my Giveaway!
Ends tomorrow, May 2 at Midnight!
Winner will be announced Tuesday!
Trashy Vintage is co-sponsoring a $50 Gift Certificate to all of you guys...this is really my thank you for coming back to day after day to listen to my rants and look at my ridiculous pictures, I know my photographer extraordinaire appreciates it too...she loves reading your comments by the way!
It's super easy to enter, just visit their EBAY store and tell me which piece you like! For extra entries visit ColorBlind's Facebook , Trashy Vintage's Facebook and let them know you are coming from ColorBlind!

 So here is my Trashy Vintage pick of the day!

I know summer is approaching, but this Betsy Johnso, FAUX Fur is amazing, I have actually been eying it for a while now..Trying to think of a great excuse to tell Husband...I think I need to get rid of the 30 jackets I already have...ughh..seriously guys, I really need to make room in my closet, if anything to see what I have!
Ok hope you had a wonderful weekend!



  1. ok, so i bought this green and white striped shirt, it was on clearance for $5 and it was BIG, so i've decided to make a cardiganish thingy out of it, so i'm loving you just showed green and white stripes cuz it looks so fresh and cute!! especially paired with the hot red heels! i need a real photographer, for realzzzzzzz. and i forgot to mention in ur previous post that i'm in love with that ruffle shirt!


  2. I love the bun! It is very cool.....

    Thanks again for having everyone do introductions. It is so much fun reading about other people and the amazing creativities they have to offer.

    Get UP & Go

  3. You look fabulous! I love the brown belt and the red heels with the green striped top. So cute!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. I really like this look, you look beautiful! :)

    Just thought I'll let you know that I awarded you the "stylish blogger award", cause you deserve one!

  5. I like that look, the shoes go so well together with your pants:)

  6. You did it again! I looovvveee that your whole outfit is thrifted and you managed to make it look like it came straight off the racks. Now that's style!!

  7. Great outfit, I love the top


  8. Just found you in the Color Brigade! I've been absent. Your picture caught my eye. Great angle and rays of sunlight. Love your red pointy-tied heels!

    Checked out your "About us" page. How cool that you play the viola! I'm trying to pick up the cello after 22 years.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


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