Saturday, May 07, 2011

Tapestry & Suede, The 90's Called...

I'm flying!

Vest Thrifted

Suede Vest & Tapestry

Vest and Tapestry: Channeling Annie Oakley

Necklace Thrifted

Two toned...

The Sun

Outfit Details
Shoes: BCBG Girls Thrifted
Skirt: Express from a long time ago...My Mom's!
Top: BCBG Thrifted
Vest: Second Boutique by work $5!!
Necklace: Thrifted

I felt a little country in this vest. One of my best friends told me I was wearing one of her favorite outfits from the 90's...I was totally flattered..haha cuz that's what I felt like. I used to see my mom wear this skirt and I always thought to would never see me wear a skirt made of tapestry...but here I am..and it mom was my size for a long time until she got sick. I'm just excited to be wearing a size 6..cuz that is the majority of my mom's clothing..and there is so much of it!! For all of you 20 year old's...losing weight really is that hard as you get older...seriously...I know I am wearing these heels A LOT..but I am so in love with them..the color, the height, and more importantly in my old age haha..the COMFORT! They seem to go with everything and I wish I had them in EVERY SINGLE color.

So I tweeted this week about THESE Seychelles. Why you ask..? Cuz I have been thinking about them for almost a year and I have decided that I need them stat! I kept trying to make excuses as to why it was ok to spend $100..but I just couldn't and I have said it before I will not pay more than $50 for anything...seriously...that is ANYMORE...I have my past purchases that were a little ridiculous. So anyway, the shoes were sold out everywhere and I received a link from Seychelles themselves and they were still a little pricey. Not 5 minutes later did husband come downstairs to remind me to use my Amazon gift card. UMMM WHAT! This is why I hate gift forget you have them...I don't forget I have $30 but I forget I have a GIFT CARD to AMAZON? I searched for the shoes on Amazon...and there they were folks. I couldn't make up my I went with the black ones as I wanted something classic.and I was in need of some black go to amazing vintage inspired wedges. So now that I have thoroughly bored you with this story. The moral is...AMAZON has SEYCHELLES for $51!!! and I only paid $20. FREE SHIPPING. THE END.

Have a great Saturday and hopefully for most of you enjoy the sun and the hot weather it is 98 degrees today! haha "Your my sunshine after the rain..." If you can finish that verse I will love you forever.



  1. your the cure against my fear and my pain... love the outfit. Have a great weekend. I know how hard Mother's day can be when your mom isn't around. Do something you love and enjoy the awesome memories you have of her.

  2. What a great find! At least your husband remembered the gift card. :)

  3. I think you look gorgeous in that skirt no matter what the decade. And yay for husbands remembering gift cards! So glad you got your shoes! :)

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