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Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to upload any photos from this weekend and last nights (Tuesday's) extravaganza, so I will have to fill you in later this week. But let's just say my dreams came true! I received an email from one of my favorite places on earth...I will let you take a guess, I was invited with a guest to attend the opening and I CAN NOT WAIT to work with them. I will save the rest for the upcoming post with many pictures documenting the night! I was so grateful and I am really excited to let you guys in on the secret cuz you will get to benefit too!

Anyway, on to the outfit post. I received these shoes for my birthday from one ofmy best friends except they were a size 9..sigh...since I have ginormous feet I had to go back and exchange them which took approximately 29 days to do..I then kept them in a bag in my room for 3 months! ughhh I need to get rid of stuff, did I mention that? Anyway, I love them..I can not wait to style these babies. Oh and can you believe all of these shopping carts? haha we had fun...and so did the guys that worked at Smiths...we noticed they were watching me almost break my face on these babies about 1/2 way throughout the shoot haha
P.S. Thanks for all of the love for Nav and the blog was a lot of fun getting to know her and I really enjoyed meeting some of her followers..I just might have to do that more! I really love you thank you!


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