Monday, May 09, 2011

I Can't Decide...

I can't decide...









Cynthia Rowley

Outfit Details
Shoes: 1st Qmode 2nd Cynthia Rowley Marshalls
Jeans: F21 Thrifted
Top: Nine West Thrifted
Belt: Banana Republic a looong time ago
Bracelet:s Big one is from Mexico, small one was my mom's
Rings: Walmart, Ross
Wallet: Marshalls..Finally I have a wallet...haha

As you can see I couldn't decide on's a question of comfort for work, trying to wear a new pair everyday, and what looks right with my outfit. I am really trying this "Wear a new pair of shoes everyday" and not that I would but a new pair but that I would wear a new pair I already have...yep..I could literally do this for 100 days...kinda sad.

Weekend was a lot of fun, but a little bit of a blur. I really think I need 3 days in order to really get everything done. Kicked our butt on Saturday morning, and hurt my ankle...I have been running on my treadmill and hiking and I am sure that it was one or the other. My ankles suck...Husband and I had a great date night and went to the San Genarro Italian Festival..basically there's a lot of food and drinks..and a place where you can watch what everyone is wearing and stuff your face. We had so much fun!

As we were walking out re-living the fact that when I went to give the little monkey, who was dressed in a jean skirt, a dollar... husband didn't get me in the freaking picture! This almost started a huge argument until I heard a guy on the Mic say that the first two people to run to him would win 2 tickets to Tiesto.Ummm let's just say I was immediately in his face in 2.2 seconds.

I probably don't talk about it enough...but music for like therapy...I CAN NOT LIVE without music. I need it playing at all times, and if I could somehow walk around with it on ALL the time I would.  I mean I could walk around with headphones in my ear, but then I would be "that girl" so instead I will BLAST it in my car when I am by myself was 10pm so husband and I went home drank a pot of coffee and preceded to dance our butts off! IF you don't know who Tiesto is you should. He is one of the greatest DJ's...and I know I know...not everyone likes this type of music..but he isn't your typical house music kind of DJ, he has remixed everyone from Kanye to Moody Blues...ughhh anyway you can visit my Facebook for some pics of our adventures, I will post some tomorrow!

Mothers Day was nice...spent some time with Sister and my Dad..all in all the weekend was amazing. I just didn't get anything I needed another week...umm can someone explain the rain? It totally rained last night!



  1. Pretty pics Shana! I love the pop of colour with the red! I think that's my current favourite colour to 'pop' with :)
    OXO Natalie

  2. So simple but absolutely CHIC! You look stunning babe , loving the first shoe x.x.x

  3. For what it's worth, I really like the gray shoe with that top. You look stunning! What a great date outfit!

    It sounds like you had a very full weekend. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle and I hope that feels better soon!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. sooo pretty! love how the background plays into it, and if we're picking shoes, I go with the first though they both look great. And adoring your skinny red belt!
    ps: sephora gift card giveaway starting today!

  5. These are very lovely pictures! I love the outfit, and im so in love with your hair color! :)

  6. Just found you on EBEW and wanted to stop by and say I love the look. Also, love the top in this post! It is so quirky and fun!!


  7. oh man, i couldn't decide either, they're both such cute shoes!! what an adorable top, it's so sweet and understated but so cute with the bling bow! how can i become pretty like you???


  8. I love the second pair of shoes:)


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