Monday, May 09, 2011

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day mom. Sister,Dad, and I went to brunch. We are all doing really well. We talked about life, boys, and babies. The babies came up cuz Dad kept asking me when I was having them and because there were two babies screaming their heads off in the booth next to us. We went to visit you at the cemetery. I am always happy when we go, though I don't feel like you are there. I'm just not connected to it. I feel like there is something wrong with me. It's weird, but I remember you saying you felt the same when you used to visit your dad. Some people feel close to their loved ones at the cemetery and I just don't. We said a few prayers and also visited nana. I thought of how we used to do each others nails and give you tons of gifts and go shopping. I often get sad when I am shopping wishing I had appreciated it more. These were the times we were supposed to enjoy and yet I find myself getting upset once again. While we were at the cemetery you are not gonna believe what happened. Sister was sitting next me and all of sudden she looks at me in disgust. I asked her what happened and she said "a dead baby bird just hit my shoulder!!!!" Yeah, I know we are trying to figure it out..I mean it was pretty windy, but weird. It's gotta be a good thing right? You always seemed to have an answer for us ensuring that everything was going to be ok.

I started a blog. You are probable saying it to yourself in your Israeli probably sounds something like "blllok" haha. It started a while ago but I never really posted until about November of last year. I post about fashion, a little fitness, and life. It's crazy how I never really noticed how fashionable you were until I really started experimenting with my own. We have similar tastes. I wear lots of your clothes and I am in aww as to how well you kept everything. I mean everything looks brand new, as opposed to my stains and tears in almost everything I own. I miss you, and as time goes on it doesn't seem to ever really change. I thought you might be able to read this if I sent it via the Internet.Who knows...maybe it just makes me feel better.

So thank you for being my inspiration and driving me everyday. Funny how life works.

Love always,



  1. This was really beautiful. And as I am currently wiping away my tears after reading this, I know that your Mom could not be more proud of you! And wow..look at those pictures! You are absolutely following in her footsteps... at your own pace and in your own unique way. I love you, Shana!

  2. aww Shana, your writing to your mommy made me teary. You are a strong women! and yes she must have read it and would be feeling so proud of you. She is gorgeous! and you def walk in her footsteps! You made me feel like I should appreciate my own kins :)

    P.S. I sent you a long e-mail. Hope you like wat I wrote, I blab lots sometimes!

    xo Nav

  3. I love your mom. Beautiful and stylish while also being kind and loving. Love u!

  4. So beautiful! Now I know where you get it!

  5. Dear Shana, I think your mommy did read this via the internet! And I think you are sunshiney and strong hearted and beautious, just like your momma! Kisses on you, xox!

  6. beautiful pictures! i love vintage family photos, i added some to my blog for mothers day as well :)


  7. this was the sweetest post, of COURSE she would be proud of her super gorgeous daughter and all you've accomplished and found out about yourself and style!! i SO wish i had a wind machine, your mother was absolutely stunning!! you're incredible!



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