Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Check It...

Check It

Check It

Check It

Sugar Lips

Nine West Marshalls


Thrifted Vintage Purse


Check It!

Check It

Outfit Details
Shoes:Nine West Marshalls I think I paid like $15!
Skirt: Michael Kors Marshalls
Top: Old Navy Thrifted SAVERS
Necklace: American Eagle Thrifted SAVERS
Belt: Thrifted SAVERS
Purse: Vintage Thrifted (SAVERS)

So I am afraid I have  been suffering from a minor case of I don't wanna, extreme exhaustion, Blogger anger, and I'm too old to go out Husband's birthday extravaganza...Did you get all that? haha bottom line...I have sucked at posting and I am sorry. But I am back in business and finding plenty of grocery carts and trash to pose next to, inside of, and on :O) Today was checkers...even though photographer extraordinaire confused checkers for hounds tooth...it's ok..I forgive her..I also thought I would experiment with lipstick. It's time..I need to start wearing it...for fun...and the best part? It was $.69, wet'n wild 520E in case you were wondering.  And that metal thingy is a cart used to carry baked goods..haha I was all about it...if you are curious to see what else I got into and found then you can check out more pics on my facebook! But I can't promise it will be too exciting...probably more silly than anything..

Lipstick makes me feel sexy...but is it odd that I kinda feel like a tramp a little bit? I mean people look at you funny or is it just cuz I'm not used to it? I can't wait to show you guys what we did for Husbands birthday..we had a mega photo shoot and all I have to say is...Ridem Cowboy haha More pics to come soon. Happy Wednesday and thank you for your patience as I make my back into this blogging situation. I know all of you have had similar issues and I apologize if your comments were deleted....ahh well..I read them all and I appreciate you guys more than you know.

P.S. I am throwing this out there since I have been dreaming of this idea for sometime now...while I know I don't have like thousands of followers, I mean crap, I don't even have 200 followers...so I am not sure who is listening, but I wanted to hold the first Thrifters Anonymous Meeting in June...Savers is opening up a new location and what a perfect time to have our first meeting right? So for those of you who live here, are nearby, or are just visiting soon, shoot me an email or leave a comment..but let me know if this is something you would want to do! The hope is to meet, greet, and learn a few thrifting tips..and I can help everyone leave with not only something they love but maybe an opportunity to have taken A Second Look at something they may have walked right by. Oh and umm that high you get from thrifting..everyone should feel that..and we can meet everyone!!!! K...so...yeah... let me know...Love you guys! and thank you!!



  1. I am so in love with that purse!!!

  2. I keep meaning to try out some lipstick and I think you've convinced me to actually do something. :) Wish I lived closer.

  3. I love how you mixed these prints!

  4. LOVE this post and the lippie is fantastic - as is the rest of your outfit :O) Axx

  5. Fab top Shana!! I want it to be in my closet right now :)
    OXO Natalie

  6. I love this outfit! Your cute pink shoes really finish the whole thing off nicely! And i LOVE that you took pictures on top of cardboard boxes! You are too cute!

    Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

  7. Love the location! and the outfit, especially the shoes!

  8. Cute outfit. Cute poses. Great location.

  9. Shana,

    You look F-A-B. Your pictures are fabulous...I am in awe of good self-portraits.

    glad I found your blog.


  10. happened upon your cute blog today! and i just wanted to say:

    i LOVE those heels of yours! esp the color!

    gotta love thrifting! I just went thrifting too :] i posted about it up on my blog.

    AlphabetSoup Style

  11. Luv how the lipstick matches those fab shoes! Gorgeous Shana!!

  12. Just saw your link when I liked the Savers page. Funny thing is I was just thinking I need to make a savers trip to get a new purse. Now I have to! I love your blog and the lipstick is great.


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