Friday, April 08, 2011

Who's scared of a little snow mobile? NOT ME!

Husband and I training for the ride to the races, and so I will stop whining!

I mean really, you want me to drive in an arabesque...ummm OK
This is not to be tried at home :O)

Ok, I might have exaggerated just little bit...I wasn't exactly that calm about this whole situation. See, I was and still kinda am, completely terrified of this snow mobile. But this is what husband and family do...they snow machine..that's what they call it. Anyway, I have been freaking out for about a week now dreading this moment where I will have to gear up and get on this thing. Every year for about 26 years, Alaska holds what is called Arctic Man. Basically a bunch of crazy's people get together in campers and tents...and race, watch races, and drink. One of husbands good friend is racing. Anyway, the race is held about 43 miles from the cabin in Paxon along the transatlantic pipeline. yeah, I know...haha I didn't know what any of this was...So, long story short..take a wild guess as to how we are supposed to get to these races? go ahead...guess...if you guessed those ridiculous machines that ride on snow..than you are correct!

Well, I will have you know that I am writing this blog only a few hours AFTER we have gotten home, no broken limbs or emergency saving here! I did it!!! and well, don't tell husband...but I kinda loved it...I mean, the lesson here is, everyone needs someone to push them, even if they are kicking and screaming, cuz if husband didn't I would have missed one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life!

Thank you to husband for getting me familiar with the machine and the snow and parents for guiding and making me feel safe. I must say, beating your fears into the snow packed mountains feels pretty darn good. I was only able to get these pics up now, but I promise I will keep working on uploading more. hope you are having a wonderful Friday wherever you are at, and remember, sometimes your fears are someone else's dreams..and good time!




  1. love the last photo and looks like fun!

  2. that looks so fun!


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