Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sneak Peek into Navy Summer Dream, and My Favorite Shoulder Show Off Tops


Ok, so I really have been trying to upload these pictures, so far I have 2. Yep...and I loved this last photo shoot we did...I mean LOVED. Yes, this is Vegas by the way...I am getting really excited for tanks, and skirts, and warm weather...and while sitting in the cabin looking at the snow outside, all I can think of is summer. So here is a sneak peek into our photo shoot! I have also been doing some exercises for my shoulders since I have a lot of tanks to wear this summer. Oh and here are some of my favorite tops to show off all of those push ups, tricep exercises and shoulder tracks!

Showing Off Your Shoulders 
3 of my favorite tops perfect for summer shoulder showin...

1. The Halter: This top is actually better for smaller busts as it has a tendency to draw attention to your goods...and if you have a lot of goods, it may draw too much catch my drift... This is a romper that I have a crush on from Modcloth...loving the look of the halter in this vintage inspired will also make your neck look all dressed necklace required!

2. The Racer back: I am a Vegas girl, and this is my kind of tank. It makes a casual tank top somewhat dressy, and boy do my shoulders look amazing in this one, if I do say so myself. The racer back really draws attention to your back and shoulder blades...and I promise when I get back I will show you some of the exercises we have been doing to get here. I know I keep saying it, probably since I started this blog..but do you know how hard it is to take those pictures...well if you didn't...I am here to tell you that it is hard. Those models make it look so easy with their "this is how you do lunges" pictures...haha anyway, the racer back..Love it! I really love this one by Modcloth...I like the name too..the Revolving restaurant top...I love the cropped ruffles and lace on the top..loving cropped anything...I will show you some of our ab exercises we have been doing also..since cropped tops are coming..I better stop eating cheez its and get to it!!

3. The Embellished or Cutout: I am a big fan of anything that is weird, different, or unusual. I love tanks that are cut out at the top, it draws attentions to your arms and shoulders and complements your collar bone. I especially love this one, so cute! I think this would would look super sexy tucked into a long skirt, or even lace shorts maybe...

The Wide Sleeves: SECRET to skinny aside from doing numerous exercises and eating right, sometimes those tops with the buttons around your bicep seem like they are gong to rip open like incredible hulk...or if you are like me sometimes you can't even close it...If I am having a "huge bicep" day.. (that is what I call it instead of "my arms are fat day" I wear a shirt like this one below...

The wide sleeves are big enough for your biceps and make your arms look super tiny and toned :O) Oh and I also like anything cut out on the back as well.

Ok, I am off to download more pictures...hope this was helpful...this is what I am thinking about now...haha

Take Care...maybe I will have 3 photos downloaded by midnight!


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  1. I live in Vegas too & would love to go thrift shopping with you sometime! ;) We've only lived here for about 4 years, but I don't know where any thrift stores are. Who knows, maybe we'll meet up someday!



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