Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Playing With Trash Can be Sexy...Until

Playing with Trash

Playing with TRash

Playing with trash

Playing With Trash

Playing with Trash

Playing with Trash
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Marshalls, Skirt: BCBG Thrifted Goodwill, Shirt: Ralph Lauren Thrifted Goodwill, Bracelet: Target, Belt: Aldo

Well, until your co-worker catches you posing next to a GINORMOUS dumpster next to work. Haha, seriously, not quite as sexy...I am sure they were like..umm Shana, why do you have a chain wrapped around your hand standing next to a big fat stinky dumpster...UMM it's ART PEOPLE! haha no but it sure was fun! I was happy to have Photographer Extraordinaire back and I think she was secretly excited to have me back as well. I wasn't totally happy with this combo, but once I got in front of the blue dumpster...I was happy I think. This skirt is really light and is this pretty lime green color with small roses. I think I paid like $2 and well for those of you who have been to BCBG you know how expensive some of their stuff is.

I never would have thought I would even attempted a mix and match such as this, but 104 outfit posts later I am super confident that I don't CARE if it works or doesn't, I am just happy to risk the possibility...it feels so good to not care...and not in a mean way, or a scared way, but in a confident way. You gals and guys know what I am talking about. That feeling you get when you are looking in the mirror and you go "umm this kinda looks ridiculous...PERFECT!"

On a side note...is it totatlly wrong that I want to gain like 400 pounds so I can audition for the BIGGEST LOSER..Husband and I say it all the time...I mean...I secretly or not so secretly ADORE that show...it motivates me and reminds me that once I feel as though I have reached my goal, to push further than I have before...We as human beings make up so much crap about how we CAN'T and WON'T and we say NO...and you really see it played out on the show. They may have their own struggles but in the grand scheme of things, we all have the same problem...and that is why you have to wake up everyday and look at it as a brand new start...or at least I speak for myself. So...to tomorrow...less embarrassing photo shoot...more ridiculous combos...and lot's of reminding myself to smell the trash flowers...

Happy Hump Day...haha I really hate it when people say that...or when they go... tomorrow is my Monday..I mean I get it...you had two days off, but it's not MONDAY it's Wednesday...and even if you had two days off it doesn't mean it is Monday...haha..sorry...k bye.



  1. I'm completely addicted to the Biggest Loser. Sometimes I think about "if I were ever on..." Not that I want to reach that point, but I'd love to have someone working me out all day every day.

  2. feel free to come on over to my casa and watch Biggest Loser with my mom. she is basically obsessed and I think would love someone to talk about it with!

    Your outfit is fantastic and love the new bloggy brought on confidence... you did a superb job on the mix n' match.

    Props again for going for it in public with the dumoster!


  3. That outfit is really cute. Is there lime piping around the skirt that I see??! I love it! You cracked me up about getting "caught" posing next to the dumpster, pretty hilarious. And I too LOVE the biggest loser. It really is super motivating to see people deciding to make a change in their life and work really hard to do it. Some of the workouts they do look totally sick!

  4. Love this post! Those nude heels are very pretty!

    Monique xx


  5. I am simply in love with the color of your nail polish :)

  6. I think about the biggest loser when I'm on the treadmill and want to get off.....If they can do it and 400 pounds then I can do it with my average self! Love that you found some cute stuff at Goodwill my favorite shopping destination!!

  7. Hahaha you are so funny and cool ! I watched the biggest looser and got on my treadmill...I may go on it everyday !! Don't gain weight please ! You look fab ! i am sure there is other shows you could be on ! the dumpster story is funny !! LOVE the outfit !! Good job !
    Come follow me back !

  8. LOL...I can just picture you two in the parking lot. That's hilarious. But hey..cool shots! I love the blue dumpster! I know what you mean about not loving an outfit until later in the day. I do that all the time. :)


    Everything Nonsense

  9. The rediculous outfits are usually the ones that merit you the most compliments. Great mixing and matching. I love the contrasts! I always look forward to seeing the cute things you find while out thrifting!


  10. hahaha! i love it! it IS art and you do it so well, ur such the fashionista!! that skirt is so cute and delicate, i think having it next to the dumpster was a great contrast! you look gorg as usual!


  11. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the time, could you check out mine? i would LOVE your opinions!
    follow me?


  12. hahahahah that's hysterical! luckily you look super cute doing it. :)

  13. This reminds me I need a pair of nude pumps.

  14. Love the creative photos and the outfit.

  15. Lovely outfit. You are gorgeous!!

  16. I love the outfit actually! And the dumpster is awesome. I wore something I felt like hmmm not matchy, out of my comfort zone last week. My 21 yo niece saw me and commented to my bestie...OMG does she know that doesn't match? LOL Yeah, I did know. I tried my hand at stripes and dots. Total fail. But I wore it with pride. LOL

  17. You are so ADORABLE!! I LOVE the dumpster art! Don't your co-workers know you're famous?!?!?!


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